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2016-2017 Staff

Mary Ellen Lowney


I am Assistant Professor and Chair of the Communication Department at American International College. Prior to this, I was a long-time reporter at The Springfield Republican newspaper. I specialize in journalism, especially new...

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Robby Ollari


Hi, I'm Robby Ollari and I'm the Editor-in-Chief of the Yellow Jacket. I'm a junior Communication student from Enfield, CT. I played baseball in high school, I'm a big Boston sports fan and I spend a lot of time at my fam...

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Angie Gheen

Staff Writer

I am a senior in the Physical Therapy Program, with interests in Psychology and Journalism. I am from Wilbraham, MA and love to keep myself busy. I work at Krazy Jake's almost all weekends, but I love spending my free time with...

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Jazmine Baehr

Op/Ed Columnist

Hello! My name is Jazmine Baehr (most famously know around campus as Jazzy Jaz). I am a senior Sociology major with minors in Marketing, Political Science ,and Social Advocacy. I’m originally from Northwestern Connecticut. I...

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Jessica Callahan

Staff Writer

My name is Jessica Callahan and I am a junior here at AIC. I am from Enfield, Connecticut and have interests in communications and economics. I spend a lot of my time at school, or at one of my two jobs. When I am not at sch...

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Nadia Ciubotaru

Staff Writer

Nadia Ciubotaru is a junior at AIC majoring in Communication. Besides writing, she loves to travel.

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Devonte' Dillion

Staff Writer

My name is Devonte' Dillion, from Windsor, CT. Majoring in Communications, plan on someday working for ESPN either broadcasting or filming. I enjoy playing football and making people laugh.

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Zach Bednarczyk

Staff Writer

Hi everyone! My name is Zach Bednarczyk, and I am a junior here at AIC. I am currently a Communication major, and I have just declared that major as of last year. I don’t live far away, I live in the town acrossthe bridge: ...

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Dahlia Cruz

Staff Writer

Dahlia Cruz is a senior at AIC, majoring in Communications. Unsure of what career path she will take, she plans on continuing to graduate school. Dahlia works with youth and young adults at the Center for Human Development. She...

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Thaleeza Saenz-Flores

Staff Writer

Hello ~ My name is Thaleeza Saenz-Flores (pronounced as Tah-lee-sa). Born and raised in Springfield, MA. I am an English major following with an Education major. My passion and interests are mainly drawing, painting, writing,...

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Kyle Kazukynas

Staff Artist

Kyle Kazukynas is a senior at AIC who has an eye for art and commentary. He is the Staff Artist for the Yellow Jacket.

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Brian Maurer

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Brian Maurer. I am currently a sophomore at AIC. I am from New York City, and I'm majoring in Communications. I'm so excited to be a part of the Yellow Jacket Newspaper team. One of my biggest interests is w...

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Shaneisha Jones

Staff Writer

Hello all! I am a Junior here AIC. I am from Hartford, CT. I am a political science major, along with a minor in marketing.  I am an aspiring corporate lawyer. I enjoy riding horses and listening to music. ...

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Allison Gavin

Staff Writer

I am a junior majoring in Communications with a minor in Marketing. I am from Bristol, CT. Along with journalism, I have an interest with advertising and event planning. I am a member of the Executive Board in AIC’s Student...

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Shalayna Burris

Staff Writer

My name is Shalayna Burris, I am a freshman here at AIC from Springfield Massachusetts.  My interests involve a combination of different things, from writing and singing my own music to just writing poetry. I also am very athl...

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Matthew Robidoux

Staff Writer

 My name is Matthew Robidoux, I'm from Cheshire, Connecticut. I am majoring in Communication and plan to someday work for ESPN. I am also a face-off midfielder on the lacrosse team. My interests include country music, hockey...

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Daniel Frawley

Staff Writer

Hello AIC, I'm Daniel Frawley. I'm currently a freshman, and I play baseball. I'm from Syracuse, New York.  I am a New Media Marketing major. I aspire to be the Yellow Jackets Super-Fan, you'll see me at all the sporting events....

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John O'Donnell

Staff Writer

My name is John O'Donnell, I am a freshman at AIC studying communications. I've played baseball my entire life and I'm continuing at the college level here. I enjoy going to Maine on annual family vacations; hiking, kayaking and ...

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Jennifer Pallazola

Staff Writer

My name is Jennifer Lynne Pallazola, a sophomore here at American International College enrolled in the English BA program while aspiring to double major in communications. I have a passion for photography and hope to one day ...

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Patrick Thompson

Staff Writer

 My name is Patrick Thompson. I am from Jamaica but I have been living in Brooklyn, New York the past seven years of my life. My interest is Communication. I like to watch movies and work on my phone. I run track. My goal is to make sure I get m...

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Shiane Wilkins

Staff Writer

I am Shiane Wilkins, I am from Suffield, Conneticut. It is a small town near Enfield, Conneticut. My hobbies are drawing anime,video gaming, singing,and making videos on YouTube. This hobbies I do helped me in my choice a major...

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John Nordell

Guest writer

John Nordell is a professor of photography and the visual and digital arts at American International College. He loves working with students, and has a passion for teaching in an artistic manner.

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Anthony Appleton

Staff writer

I am from Brooklyn, New York but I was raised in Atlanta Georgia. I moved to Georgia when I was 5 and lived there until I was 16. I began to play football when I was 10 years old and I haven’t stopped since. I play football...

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Jayson Gardener

Staff writer

Hello my name is Jayson Gardener and I am from Hartford, Connecticut. I play football for the school and sports are a big interest for me. I also enjoy weight lifting, video games, listening to music, and of course eating. I...

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Anthony Purge

Staff writer

My name is Anthony Purge, from Old Bridge, New Jersey. I am a Communication major. My goal is to one day be a sports broadcaster for ESPN or NFL Network. My interest include football, basketball, and telling jokes. I enjoy making...

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Kayla Clark

Staff writer

I was born in Samoa but raised in Tacoma, Washington. I've always been an athlete participating in all sports that came across me however the sport that I stuck with is rugby, and I play for AIC. I'm a very outgoing social person...

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Bobby Bishop

Staff writer

I’m Bobby Bishop and a Criminal Justice Major. I’m a Junior who recently transferred from Holyoke Community College and I’m from South Hadley, MA. I enjoy sports, mostly football, and hanging out with my friends.

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Vincent Weldon

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Vincent Weldon I’m an 18-year-old and a freshman at American International College. I was born in Springfield Massachusetts and currently still a resident here. Some interesting things about me is that I lik...

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Elizabeth Baker

Staff writer

Elizabeth Baker is a student at American International College who loves reporting and writing news stories.

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Sal Harold

Staff Writer

My name is Sal Harold. I am a Communications Major from Los Angeles, CA. My interests include music, football (how bout dem cowboys!), good movies, and wrestling.

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Tyra Simmons

Staff Writer

My name is Tyra Simmons I'm from Queens, NY born and raised. I am a Sociology major whose goal is to get into journalism, it is my passion. My interests are video games, technology, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Mountain Dew. I...

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