Student Engagement has energy, motivation


Candy Lash

L-R: Assistant Director of Diversity Education Alicia McKenzie, Director of Student Engagement Theresa Johnson, Assistant Director of Student Activities Collin McQuade

Justin Lipscomb, Staff Writer

Being a student-athlete here at AIC has opened the doors to many opportunities here on campus. While having the first couple of weeks of junior year under wraps, a lot of connections has been made, in terms of getting a job on campus and rejoining PRIDE – which is one of the oldest clubs at this school still standing!

After waiting for a couple days to hear back from the Center for Student Engagement, finally the wheels were put into motion. Personally knowing the new and returning staff of the center was a good idea to kick off the school year and new job by interviewing and know their mindset.

Theresa Johnson is the new Director of Student Engagement here at AIC. She spoke about her first few months on the job here at the college.

“My time at AIC has been a wonderful experience. I have met so many wonderful students,” Johnson said. “My favorite part so far has been serving as an ear to such a diverse group of students. I have truly enjoyed getting to know them.”

She added, “I also love working with the Center for Student Engagement team. We all work together to provide support for the students. I look forward to learning more about AIC’s culture and meeting more students.”

Alicia McKenzie is the new Assistant Director of Diverse Education. While new to the scene at AIC, having only been here since July, she has already made her entrance known by attending so far every event in the beginning of the school year – whether it’s a cookout sponsored by a fraternity or something simple in the quad during C- hour.

Already, she has created so many friendly relationships on campus.

McKenzie has stated that being the new kid on the block, she has adjusted pretty well here and that students have come to her office everyday just to hangout, share a few laughs and get right to business when it comes to advising.

She also said she already loves the students and the faculty, as they have been good to her thus far and that’s why she likes her job so much.

One of her top jobs is getting students to get involved and stay motivated.

“I’m definitely trying to increase the awareness of diversity and the importance of it and try to create an inclusive environment for all students,” McKenzie said. “I really want to support our marginalized students as well as support our Greek Life.”

She also hopes to see more students more educated on diversity, a consistent calendar of events of different diverse programs, different training for staff and students to increase an inclusive environment for everyone.

Collin McQuade, the Assistant Director of Student Activities, in his third year here at AIC. As such, he’s the veteran in the office and knows the students, the events that go on, what to do and how to get it done.

In other words, he’s great.

“It’s good that everyone is back, the energy is up, and we have a lot more events going on so the stress level is really through the roof right now,” McQuade said. “With that being said it’s really great to have the life back on campus,”

McQuade said the current semester is off to a fantastic start.

It’s sure to be a great year up in the Center for Student Engagement, make sure to stop by and say hello to the new faces up here in the Bradley Room, and check out the all-new, remodeled student lounge in the Center!