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It’s the final countdown

AIC student Lauren Spoon locks in on her studies as the semester winds down.

AIC student Lauren Spoon locks in on her studies as the semester winds down.

Kayla Clark

Kayla Clark

AIC student Lauren Spoon locks in on her studies as the semester winds down.

Kayla Clark, Staff Writer

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The word “final” is like nightmare to college students. This is the part when school isn’t fun anymore and it becomes more serious. So serious that students begin to have all-nighters just doing nothing but studying.

Which is really sad because then there is no more time for Netflix-binging or going out partying. Also, for all the procrastinators out there, they begin to wake up and start working their butts off to get their grades up.

You may start to question yourself why are my professors treating me like this. Giving so many research papers out like you don’t have other classes to worry about.

“I think I have three or four research papers,” said AIC student Nick Fenton.

“Around three to four research papers,” said AIC student Matt Mooney.

“About three research papers,” said AIC student Jason, who did not provide his last name.

“One research paper,” said AIC student Jamie Keown.

Finals are right around the corner to wrap up the fall semester. Moving onto a new year you want to feel the relief of having success and being ready to start fresh. So, your stress levels are at probably a level 10. No one wants to stress because that can cause grey hairs.

“I don’t stress,” said Fenton.

“I would say I moderately stress,” said Mooney.

“I’m also moderately stressed,” said Jason.

“Relatively stressed,” said Keown.

“Stressed out a lot,” said Torres.

Going around talking to students showed consideration by showing them that someone actually cares and wants to know. Not only that but see how many other students are just going the same exact stress.

Thoughts of dropping out start to come across and for some students it can cause many cases of anxiety and mental breakdowns. Pretty sure everyone has had a mental breakdown before.

Stress revolves around how well you use time management and being able to get everything done. So, for all the procrastinators, this is probably the time where you mostly use your time more wisely and feel the pressure even more then before.

“I could be better with studying, so I don’t have to sleep less,” said Fenton.

“I’m not the greatest at time management,” said Mooney.

“I start studying a couple days before the exam,” said Jason.

“I would say I have pretty good time management,” said Keown.

The worst thing that any student does not want to do is fail a class – especially if they are graduating. A lot of people can relate. Some people wanted to explain their study strategies for all the students that are going through it right now.

“Sleep and study,” said Fenton.

“Write out my notes as well as study with other students,” said Mooney.

“Rewrite notes and study,” said Jason.

“Make flashcards and rewrite my notes,” said Keown.

“Rewrite my notes and sleep early,” said Torres.

So, you’re not drinking caffeine jumping from wall to wall. It’s also important thing to know how to prepare yourself for finals.

“Spend about two to three days preparing before each final by studying the PowerPoints and writing out my notes,” said Mooney.

“I prepare by gathering my notes throughout the semester and study it,” said Jason.

“l start to study my notes that I took throughout the semester, two weeks before finals,” said Keown.

“Sleep early and go over my notes,” said Torres.

For every student they just want to be done and not even think about the outcome. Obviously, they do so that’s why with finals you stress out the most to past last minute. But everyone just wants to be finished and go home to their families and feel free.

“I can’t wait fast enough,” said Fenton.

“Definitely can’t wait to be done,” said Mooney.

“Break can’t come soon enough,” said Keown.

“Can’t wait to be done,” said Jason.

“Just want this semester to be over already,” said Torres.

Christmas and New Year’s is around the corner then all you really have to worry about is Christmas presents and having a good time with the family. But first get through with finals and not stress so much.

Good Luck!

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It’s the final countdown