Wrapping up the fall sports season

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Wrapping up the fall sports season

Justin Lipscomb, Staff Writer

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Here at AIC there are a lot sports teams on this campus, we are a very sports orientated campus!

Some of the main sports here on campus to look out for are fall sports. You have Cross Country, Rugby, Football, Field Hockey and the list goes on.

Talking to some of the student athletes here on campus who compete in fall sports, many noted that they arrive here a whole month before school actually is in session to train and get ready for competition. They discussed how grueling the practices themselves can be, along with the weather, and coming across new participants who have made their way from high school to college.

The list can go on about these athletes getting ready both returners, and first year students.

A fall sport that everybody knows and loves not only at AIC but all over the country is football – everyone loves this sport!

The Yellow Jacket fans here at AIC have a rich history of a fan base who watch our football team do excellent things every year.

Football player Darien Keith is a junior now had to say so far his experience at AIC has been very rigorous in training,

“It’s a lot of technical stuff, we do at practice, coach wants us right on the mark at all times, and if we can’t get it right the first time, he has work harder the second time to get it right, and so on and so forth,” Keith noted.

While working on campus over the summer and training for Track and Field preseason it was very different not having anyone on campus, until the football team came, it wasn’t loud, wasn’t crazy, it seemed like they came here for one purpose and one purpose only and that was to get the job done.

While Keith being a defensive back has really blossomed into the sport his junior year he says it’s a blessing and it took hard work and determination to get to where he is right now.

Jumping over to another fall sport. AIC also has a promising Cross Country Team, who it seems like every year they rack up wins, especially conference titles and send a great number of athletes to nationals.

Siem Mehretu is a senior here at AIC is clearly loaded with experience in distance running.

Mehretu talked about having all the racing and traveling experience that he has has helped formed him into a better runner and a better person off the track.

“I’ve learned to be more patient and trust in my training and coach and just execute my race to the best of my abilities,” Mehretu said.

This past Cross Country season the runners including Mehretu went to their 4th straight national championship to compete. He has stated competing with such a high caliber team is very exciting especially to see freshman have such raw talent and gun for the big names on the team.

The men’s team is extremely excited to see what the indoor and outdoor season will hold for them as well as the next year’s cross country season.

With these two teams who play a very key component of putting and keeping AIC on the map and always showing the other teams in our conference along with the country that American International college is a force to be reckon with and even when others count AIC out they always put on a critic on how to get the job done.

Both coaches on the football team and cross country team make sure their athletes are in tip top shape to make sure to compete to their best of their abilities!

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