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A case of senioritis

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A case of senioritis

Erin Stalker, Staff Writer

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As the end of the semester approaches, there is always a lot on the mind of a senior in college.

What work needs to be turned in still? Oh shoot, that was due today? When is the next exam? When is the final? When is school finally over?

The most important thing though, that goes beyond overdue homework or library books is graduation.

For seniors to graduate, they need to make sure they are passing their classes and have the right amount of credits (like any other student in any other class ranking). But, during senior year, the fight for this is definitely real.

I interviewed a few seniors and asked them about their motivation and what drives them the most to succeed. I also asked how they would rank themselves on how they thought they did this semester compared to others and what was the hardest part of this year for them.

The first person I interviewed was Ginger Solomon. She is a senior and is majoring in Liberal Studies, her main focus is Special Education.

Erin Stalker: “How has this year been for you academically?”

Ginger Solomon: “It has been a struggle, like for real, but I’ve managed to keep it together in order to graduate. I have a lot on my plate, but that doesn’t stop me from accomplishing my goals in graduating in May.”

Erin Stalker: “What has been the hardest part of your year? Or semester?”

Ginger Solomon: “I would say going to my classes, especially when the weather is pretty trashy. I don’t like coming out of my room when there is rain or snow, I mean, who does? But at the end of the day, I have to be there, be present, and try my best to participate. If not, I need to try to catch up on the notes.”

Erin Stalker: “How was your motivation in driving you to get good grades or attend class?”

Ginger Solomon: “Some days are better than others in all honesty. Some days I am ready to go to school and just go and get out and others I don’t want to go at all. It would all depend on the day and my mood honestly.”

The second person I interviewed was senior Sydney Thompson. She is also a Liberal Studies major and focusing on Special Education.

Erin Stalker: “What would you say was the hardest part of this year?”

Sydney Thompson: “I would say waking up for my morning classes or having to wake up early to go to my work study. Or having a lot of homework due and staying up to do it all until like 1 am and not getting enough sleep.”

Erin Stalker: “Would you say you were motivated enough this year or probably more in your past years here?”

Sydney Thompson: “I feel like every year I was motivated to get good grades and make deans list and focus on making my way to graduating my senior year, but, as I am now a senior, I would say my motivation has flourished as well because I want to graduate ya know? I am trying my best to stay motivated to receive that diploma, just to turn around and come back the day after and do it all again in summer classes haha.”

Erin Stalker: “And for you, how has this year been for you academically?”

Sydney Thompson: “I would say a bit challenging if you include last semester. I was taking a course where we had to write two lengthy papers, which thankfully, only turned into one, but it was pretty hard to get all the right information and put it into words that would make sense and fit together. Sort of like a puzzle. Other than that, academically wise, I would say it wasn’t too bad.”

The third person I interviewed about her experience as a senior was Peta-Gaye Ricketts, who is a double major in Public Health and Sociology.

Erin Stalker: “How well do you think you did this year when trying to stay on top of classes and homework and what not?”

Peta-Gaye Ricketts: “I would say I definitely tried my hardest and gave it my best. School isn’t easy for everyone and I definitely had some setbacks but that didn’t stop me from pushing forward and meeting my goals grade-wise.”

Erin Stalker: “And would you say you were motivated enough this year or probably more in your past years?”

Peta-Gaye Ricketts: “I would definitely say a little bit of both. Along with what Sydney said, I felt that I needed the good grades to help boost me in the right direction for my final year, this year, and I feel like needing a lot of motivation would benefit me in my last year. I mean it’s definitely hard when all you want to do is sleep in and not really think about the work you have due or the projects coming up or any big tests and I think that was a minor setback. But it’ll all work out in the end. God has a plan for everyone and you just have to stay positive.”

Erin Stalker: “My last question for you is, are you finally excited to be done and move on to other things in life?”

Peta-Gaye Ricketts: “I am excited to finally be leaving here, but a little sad as well. I’ll miss the connections I made with a few professors and a few students in my classes. It was a great experience living away from home and on my own with a roommate and has given me many memories to remember and gave me a bit of independence.”

As a final thought, seniors remember this. No matter how hard you think you may fall or how much you may want to leave school and never turn back, it’s a great experience and you make a lot of memories. To everyone who thinks they won’t make it to graduation, you will, just buckle down and make those final moves to push you to that stage for you to graduate and say, “You did it”.

Good luck to everyone graduating and for those on their way within the next year or two, keep fighting the fight. It’ll be worth it.

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A case of senioritis