Is it spring yet?

Danielle Corey, Staff Writer

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Happy Spring Everyone, or should I say is it spring yet? We get snow on the first day of spring. What? That’s crazy. This does not feel like spring at all. When I think of spring I think of warm days, chilly nights, autumn leaves, bonfires, etc. this is not what I imagined to be spring at all.

How are you liking this spring weather? Still feels like winter huh? Did you think we would get snow and freezing rain? I sure didn’t. I think mother nature is getting a bit confused. We have one warm day and the next its snowing or raining. Not good.

Spring break wasn’t even spring break here in Massachusetts. It felt like another winter break, literally. We had snow or rain. What happened to spring break being fun? Yeah, it’s fun if you go to Florida or somewhere else warm, but what about the people who can’t leave Massachusetts? We should have been able to have fun in warm weather too.

Mother nature needs to get her head in the game. She should know how this stuff goes. Don’t you think? What is your opinion about this weather? Do you like it? Do you wish it was better?

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