A tailgating afternoon to remember

Gisel Lopez, Staff Writer

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Every college has its traditional tailgate party but none will ever compare to anything like here at AIC.

That’s right — AIC’s tailgate was the best thus far, even though it rained and was chilly that didn’t stop anyone from participating and enjoying themselves with music, laughter, food, and drinks.

Here’s a little recap: Starting with a good pep rally where they introduced all the fall sports and even had wonderful performances by the dance team and cheerleading team. Lots of music playing and dancing was done at the pep rally. Moving along with the wonderful joy filled weekend was the homecoming game and homecoming party later that night.

The football team played against University of New Haven. Although the Yellow Jackets were up a lot of points during the first half, New Haven came in with a tougher play and unfortunately the boys had tough lost but that didn’t stop them from having a smile on their faces and from them enjoying the rest of their day and weekend.

Later that afternoon after the game was over a tailgate was held right across from Edgewood suites. Upon arrival the tailgate with filled with cars and the aroma of BBQ was surrounding the air followed by loud music and lots of singing, talking, and laughter.

Many of the tents were hosted by fraternities and sororities, but also alumni, parents and staff who also came out to join the party had a table filled with food and drinks.

There was a lot of first timers including freshman Antonaya McMillian, who said she had a fine time.

“It was litt, I had such an amazing time, especially spending time with friends and having my sister there as well was even better,” McMillian said. “Also seeing how many people turned out was fun as well, watching sororities and fraternities that was dope too, oh yea and the music was litt too since I love dancing.”

In more detail, the tailgate consisted of many fraternities and sororities performing to almost any uptempo song that came on as everyone gathered around to record and watch.

Many students took advantage of the open space even though it was grassy and muddy that didn’t stop them from dancing and having the time of their lives. The tailgate was a great kickoff to the wonderful party that came later that night.

“I couldn’t imagine how a homecoming tailgate was because I’ve never been to one so this was a whole new experience for me, and I really enjoyed it to say the least,” said freshman Gabriella Santos.

The tailgate will be very memorable with every freshman since it was their first official college tailgate. The tailgate lasted nearly the whole afternoon.

Even though the tailgate did not last the whole day as some would prefer it was still an amazing experience to come by.

Students still had their little vibe session even when the tailgate was over. Overall the tailgate was a calm and comfortable experience to enjoy although there was a little altercation but that didn’t stop anyone from enjoying their time whether they were just standing there or dancing everyone had a smile on their faces and it looked like nothing could’ve changed that — not even the weather.

Later that night was the homecoming party, which started out slowly. But as more and more students came it became even better. The whole homecoming weekend was a success and an enjoyable moment for all and for everyone who did not participate that’s ok because knowing AIC next year would most likely be even better.


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