A day in the life at Hines Hall

A day in the life at Hines Hall

Nicholas Rivera, Staff Writer

Some people say your freshman year can make or break your college experience, and while this may hold some truth, your first year can definitely shape the years to come. Having a good experience is crucial, and even though everyone’s will be different, you are still looking for a good time.

Lots of freshmen look forward to getting out of the house and experiencing something new, and living in a dorm is the perfect way to do that. Hines Hall, the only all freshman dorm on campus, is a building like no other. People who come from all over the world come together and live under one roof, and it can make for some good times, good friends, and good experiences.

Some people get homesick, but that isn’t the case for Jesse Emerson, a freshman on the 3rd floor.

“Living in the dorm is better than being at home because you get to experience college Atmosphere more than just classes,” Emerson said.

Living in a dorm allows you to get the full experience of college, and you create that bond with people around you. It’s not like high school, where you only see these people a few hours a day, you live and thrive under one roof and create memories and bonds much greater than you would as a commuter.

“I like the community and the way everyone can get along and help each other out,” said Shane O’Brien, a freshman who lives on the 3rd floor.

The community aspect of college is great, and you have all kinds of resources that can help you succeed in what you want to do. Hines is fully equipped with a study lounge, so at any time of day you can find someone in there who is usually willing to help you if you need it. If you need a break, there’s a lounge with a pool table and huge TV as well for those days you just need a getaway from all those assignments.

While Hines can be a great place to live, it can have some drawbacks. In an all-freshman dorm, there is a lot of room for things to go wrong, since most if not everyone in the building has never had this kind of freedom before. Noise and ruckus can be a factor in any building, but Hines can be especially noisy since everyone thinks they have no rules to follow for the first few weeks.

Roommate drama and messy bathrooms can make a person crazy as well, however there problems usually clear up in a few weeks once everyone settles in, and that’s when the sense of community starts to pick up. Bathrooms start to get cleaner and everyone respects everyone’s space as time continues on.

Obviously as a freshman you do not get all of the best luxuries.

However, as you get into higher grades you get more living options and can chose were to go based on what suits you. With 4 other buildings to choose from, it can be hard to choose one that accommodates what you want.

Some people can’t wait to leave Hines, and some like to bash Hines for being old or “the crappy freshman building,” but there are many who remain optimistic and nostalgic all at once.

Carm Consolino, a sophomore who recently left Hines, had a very positive outlook on his experiences.

“You definitely make some wild memories over your year in Hines,” said Consolino.

“It was nice being able to walk to the dc and classes because it’s so close to everything. Being that close actually made me want to go to class because why not, I’m right there.

“Hines is just what you make of it,” he said.