Alita: Battle Angel

Lui Sitama, Staff Writer

You want something exciting to watch and catch your eye?

Well Alita: Battle Angel is the movie for you.

Alita just came out February 14, 2019 and is a genre fantasy/science and fiction.

This action-packed picture allows the audience to see what the future could look like if we all lived in a world where all of us where in an Iron City, with humans and cyborgs. The movie is based on an unconscious cyborg who is trying to find herself again and remember where she came from.

She is helped by a couple of people throughout the movie and soon starts to regain her memory.

This movie is PG-13 but way more intense then what it looks like.

The graphics of 3D without even wearing any 3D glasses for it was super realistic. They had used real characters and then they also had the cyborgs look more cartoon but so realistic as well.

Then when the action happened it was so glorifying that even though there was no blood you can just imagine the blue or green oil gushing out of the cyborgs was blood.

Man, it was just graphic in a whole different way.

Even when they were fighting you could hear and feel like you were in the fight with them — so much that you could feel it inside of your chest making the connection so real.

It’s entertaining on a whole other level that the title even explains the character being the Angel of Battle. The directors and actors of this movie were just tremendous on playing their parts to the fullest. Robert Rodriguez one of the directors has a taste of making his movies in a brighter newer way to adopt new technology.

Rosa Salazar plays the main character Alita and does a brilliant job of making a cyborg look and have real emotions to attach too. Salazar has played in an action role in several other movies as well like Bird Box and Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

Christoph Waltz plays the greatest scientist doctor who fixes everyone but also helps Alita find her-self. He has been in so many great movies like The Three Musketeers and Downsizing.  When he acts, he plays such a mysterious role and makes you keep guessing what’s next.

What some of your fellow classmates or peers had to say about the movie Alita: Battle Angel is:

AIC students were happy to talk about this film.

“This movie was something I really didn’t expect,” said Carm Consolino.

“I liked how everything was rough, grit, and straight to the point. The graphics where definitely on a whole other level! I loved that everything was violent and pretty much just bad ass. I know Alita is a girl and I am a guy but I would want her to protect me anywhere I go,” Consolino added.

Jesse Emerson agreed, saying, “All I can say is that I want to watch this movie again and again. The way that they also involved a sport like roller derby and change it into something else was really exciting to see a little more violence. But also make a more futuristic Rollerblading game. Overall this movie is probably in my top ten favorite movies now.”

Darrin Fernandez said he was pleasantly surprised.

“I didn’t even watch any of the trailers for this movie,” Fernandez said. “So, going in surprised not knowing what to expect was something else. The graphics, actors, and sound effects helped me feel a deeper connection. I had gotten so connected that on the action scenes I moved my body to duck as well. I caught myself a couple times but I defiantly would watch this again.”

So, to answer your question of whether or not you should go watch this movie? It is a YES! You should defiantly take yourself to the movies and choose this movie Alita: Battle Angel.

And remember you will feel like you’re in the future.