2016: The Year of Netflix

2016: The Year of Netflix

Chelsea Lombardo, Staff Writer

After releasing the trailers and premier dates for 11 of the upcoming original series, Netflix is showing everyone who’s boss in the 2016 television industry.

Do you remember placing an order for Netflix DVDs and waiting almost a week for those red and white slim envelopes to reach your front door? Well, those days are closely approaching the 10-year mark. In February of 2007, Netflix decided to take a step away from their mailbox delivery system, and take a turn to the world of online video steaming.

“House of Cards,” a political drama staring Kevin Spacey, is the first of several successful Netflix original series to start the online streaming revolution. “House of Cards,” which is about to take on its fourth season this March, is a series that has truly shown the ruthlessness behind politics.

All three seasons of the drama have been proven the to be the most popular series on Netflix, and its third season alone has recorded the highest number of binge watchers of any Netflix original series. Studies have shown that nearly half of Netflix subscribers watched at least three episodes in a single day in the first thirty days of release.

That’s a lot of TV to watch.

With such success from their very first original series, Netflix has only kept the ball rolling by adding more and more of their own original content. Netflix originals series such as “Orange is the New Black” have received high ratings and have even won the top awards at presentations such as the Primetime Television Emmys and the Golden Globes.Netflix_Web_Logo

Even more recent success has been found in newer original series such as the documentary series “Making a Murderer,” and the gangster drama “Narcos,” as the ratings for these first season newbies are through the roof.

In the past decade Netflix has taken their seat at the throne of television. Its speedy streaming services have helped put companies like Blockbuster to the curb. Netflix is also a key contributor in the cable-cutter movement, which is urging people to drop their expensive cable bills and just sign up for online streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu Plus.

It’s Netflix’s original series that are putting its subscriber rates over the top and over the other online streaming services. Netflix has been key in the online series trend setting movement as well, now that Amazon Prime Video has started to release exclusive series.

Netflix has shown they’re the streaming service that is here to stay, but what is in store for Netflix 2016? Well, there’s a lot to be excited about. With the release of almost 14 new originals series this year, Netflix users are going to have a lot of binging to do.

The most amped show for 2016 will be the revival of the ABC show “Full House.” The spin-off series “Fuller House” will take place back in the Tanner household, featuring many of the old familiar characters and a unique story line that places the Tanner family back into their old San Francisco house. The shows popularity has peeked over the years after being able to watch the old re-runs via Netflix streaming. The new twist on the family favorite is sure to grab all of the old viewers and many more.

Lemony Snicket fans will also be happy to hear their favorite eerie author is taking his popular children books series, “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” to the Netflix screen. The series release date is yet to be announced but will sure to be a big hit for those who loved the original children’s series.

Cable companies beware, Netlfix’s new originals are here to take over the television scene.