“Blurryface,” Unique in its Own Way

Blurryface, Unique in its Own Way

Brian Maurer, Staff Writer

The word is good on twenty one pilots’ latest album “Blurryface.”

The band twenty one pilots is composed of singer and ukulele player Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun. The band is widely known for their unique sound and honest concepts. The band is also known for recreating their sound after every album.

This album touches on the lead singer Tyler Joseph’s struggle with anxiety and depression.

The album is unique in its own way. After the song ‘Fairly Local’ leaked on the Internet, fans became nervous about the path the album was going down.

Once the album was released, it quickly gained positive reviews by fans and critics. Tracks like ‘Doubt,’ ‘Goner,’ ‘Heavy Dirty Soul’ and ‘Polarize’ go into depth about Tyler’s depression and anxiety.

There are also songs that say despite having depression and anxiety, you can still live your life and be happy such as ‘We Don’t Believe What’s on TV,’ which talks about how the media shouldn’t matter, and we should care about more about how a person have more depth than the things that make him look good.

‘Not Today’ is a song which talks about having a day to yourself. ‘Tear in my Heart’ is about the love Tyler has for his wife.

Even though the album consists mostly of Tyler’s struggle, the album also touches on subjects about looking at the positive things in life as well. In a way, the album shows that there is always a silver lining. The single ‘Stressed Out’ is the track that’s carrying the album so far, and because of its radio success, more people are being exposed to the music of twenty one pilots.

Throughout the album, there are many references to “Blurryface.”

Sometimes Tyler will outright state that he is “Blurryface.” Other times, his vocals will be deepened representing the character “Blurryface”

“Blurryface” is a personification of his anxiety and depression. He uses the character to show what’s going through his head when the negative thoughts are present. Lyrics such as “My name’s ‘Blurryface’ and I care what you think” show how he represents the character.

Tyler Joseph is open about his depression and anxiety. Throughout his music career, he has stated that he is thankful for the music, because it helped him overcome a lot of difficult times.

His ultimate goal is to help other people who are going through similar issues with his music, because he knows there are people who feel the same. In the song ‘Lane Boy’ he makes it clear he’s thankful by stating in the lyrics, “If it wasn’t for this music, I don’t know how I would’ve fought this.”

Tyler knows that music has power, and if it saved him he knows his words can save other people as well.

The album “Blurryface” debuted at number one on the Billboard.

Already it has sold 500,000 copies worldwide. The album is certified Gold in the United States and Canada. The album currently holds the number five spot on the Billboard 200 and their song ‘Stressed Out’ holds the number four spot on Billboard’s Hot 100.