Bieber Sings with a “Purpose”

Bieber Sings with a Purpose

Brian Maurer, Staff Writer

It’s been two years since Justin Bieber released his last album, “Journals.” His new album, “Purpose,” released on November 13, is a homerun.

This album is Bieber’s redemption for his fans and his place in the music industry. Coming off multiple legal issues, he’s finally cleaning up his act.

This album has a different style from his previous albums. It touches on topics of love, redemption, and self-acceptance.

Songs like ‘I’ll Show You,’ ‘What Do You Mean,’ and ‘Sorry’ touch on his love life. Songs like ‘Love Yourself,’ ‘Life Worth Living’ and ‘Purpose’ touch on self-worth. Songs like ‘Where are You Now,’ ‘Self Pressure,’ and ‘No Sense’ are more like party anthems.

In this album, Bieber had worked with new artist, songwriters and producers. The producer, Skrillex, is a huge part of giving the album an EDM sound and singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, plays a major role in the album’s lyrics.

On this album, Bieber became more familiar working with hip-hop artist such as Big Sean and Travis Scott. Unlike his pervious albums, this album showcases Bieber’s more personal struggles. The songs on this album are not the bubble gum pop songs you heard five years ago. The album also shows a more humble side in his music and he comes off more vulnerable this time. In many ways this album was more therapeutic than his pervious work.

There are many speculations that this album is primarily about his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Even though in interviews Bieber has said there are some songs that may be about her, it’s not the album’s complete concept.

To this day, Bieber still struggles with being in the public eye, and has been the many reasons why he’s acted out and have gotten himself in trouble with the law but on this record he still is grateful for the fans and is asking for forgiveness.

Back in January, Bieber released a video apologizing to his fans for his “arrogance over the past year.” He admits that the way he was acting was a “cover up” to how he really feels and that’s not who he really is. He also admits he was afraid of being “judged, and often cared what people were thinking” but many fans believe this was another concept to his new album.

This album showcases Bieber’s maturity and it is more of a look in the mirror, a reflection of himself. On this album he’s admitted he’s made a lot of mistakes and this is how he tries to right the wrongs. Religion also plays a major role in the concept of the album.

On the last song, ‘Purpose,’ religion is the main topic. I personally recommend this album to anyone who enjoys music. You do not have to be a Belieber to enjoy this record.

The album was released on November 13th and sold 525,000 in it’s first week, certifying the album gold by RIAA and beat One Direction for the number one spot on the Billboard chart. The single “Sorry” has the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart selling 819,119 and the majority of the album is dominating the charts. Even with Adele taking the number one spot, and dominating sales, Bieber is still managing to hold his own. Since the album’s official release, the album broke the record for the most streamed album on Spotify.

The album is out for digital download on iTunes and is available in many stores.