Trump continues to make dangerous comments


Dahlia Cruz, Staff Writer

During one of his last rallies for the month of March, in Wisconsin, Donald Trump ironically adjusted his idea for a temporary ban on Muslims. He will let the rich ones into America.

This is not the most ridiculous of his statements regarding how he will deal with Muslims. This, paired with the fact that there are, amazingly enough, voters who believe in this rhetoric, should be a concern the rest of us stop taking as a joke. In a recent survey conducted by Morning Consult, based on a national sample of 2071 participants, even 34% of those who considered themselves likely Democratic voters would support a temporary ban.

Never mind all the ways that Trump could dismantle the country economically and socially, he will no doubt fuel ISIS’ fire and drive more at-risk Muslims straight towards the group. He is not totally to blame for many Americans ignorance to the actual issue surrounding ISIS. Most are not educated on how this is a fundamentally radical group that has killed many more Muslims than any other group combined. However, Trump’s reprehensible strategy of gaining a unified group of supporters based on unjustified hate shows just how irresponsible he would be as president.

Trump’s supporters are all around and it is the duty of all responsible citizens to join the conversation and try to educate ourselves and fellow Americans to the reality of the situation.

Max Fischer, writer for the website Vox, gives a very comprehensible explanation of how ISIS started and exactly what attracts people to radicalize towards the group. There are several reasons – some religious, some personal/psychological, and then there are those that others impact.

“Those include things like belonging to a marginalized community, especially if that community is overpoliced or treated as suspect, or if your society expresses hostility toward Islam or religion generally,” he shares.

This sounds exactly like what Trump and the rest of the oblivious idea supporters are doing. The rest of the American public who want to educate themselves and understand why the majority of Muslims need support and understanding should read Fisher’s article at titled, “9 questions about ISIS you were too embarrassed to ask.”