A new beginning at AIC


Mary Ellen Lowney

An early fall day with fine weather brings students out to the Quadrangle.

John O'Donnell, Staff writer

Years ago a song dropped called “I love College” by Asher Roth.

Roth described college as the best four years of a student’s life through his lyrics rapping about how he would like to stay for the rest of his life.

But this wasn’t exactly what students said when interviewed in a series of questions about starting out as a college student. For many, the adjustment is significant and, in some ways, tough.

“It’s difficult, no one is around to really tell me what do, I mean that may be a positive in some aspects, but you really have to manage you time yourself,” said freshman Dan Heller when asked about his experience thus far.

The “experience” really isn’t there for those students that just hang around in their dorms complaining about how there isn’t anything to do. Students need to get out, see the world, and make connections.

It’s what one does with their four years that could potentially set their selves up for a golden future.

AIC campus, a new world for freshmen.
AIC campus, a new world for freshmen.

When Nick Lavin discussed his plan for the future, he talk about his work ethic.

“I don’t want to be the kid who just tries to have fun all the time and make nothing of it. I want to network and allow myself some comfortability when it comes to a job around senior year,” Lavin said.

Distractions are huge in college, noted freshman Dean Streich.

“It’s easy to go out on a Monday night when you have an essay due the next morning and have a good time, that’s college for you, but I’ve already made good habits with my time management,” Streich said.

“When your buddy needs someone to go out with that night because everyone else is studying it’s very easy to be influenced,” he added.

These are the years to reject temptations and make good study habits, it will only get easier. Say no now and you’ll have every reason to say yes when you’re successful.

College is a time to do your stuff right; studying, making friends, and networking. Make small talk with everyone you meet. Always be friendly because you never know if someone around you is your opportunity for something great.

In all have fun, but do your stuff the right way. Nothing half fast, these are the years to set up a promising future.