Creepy clowns threaten Halloween


Shalayna Burris, Staff writer

Will This Be the End of Halloween?

Children and parents are left frantic after hearing about all of the reported sightings of the unsafe creepy clowns in their local communities.

Clown sightings have been reported in several different locations, leaving local residents to fear for the safety of their children. The first reported sighting of a clown was in late august in Greenville County, South Carolina, and ever since then the trend has been spreading. Scary looking clowns have been spotted in Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and now Massachusetts.

By early October it was reported that they were spotted at Springfield College and the University of Massachusetts.

Some say that these creepy clowns have been trying to lure kids into woods, into cars with candy and money, chasing people, and just standing in random areas scaring people, and home invasions.

In Florida a local resident was able to actually catch a clown on video tearing apart Halloween decorations on his porch. On social media a video of clowns has gone viral offering their services for money, and stating how the clowns represent an organization, but the real question is what will become of Halloween?

Creepy clowns are frightening children and adults.
Creepy clowns are frightening children and adults.

Allowing these unsafe criminals to freely roam, with no one knowing who the real criminals are under the masks, many will be very frightened at the least.

Springfield resident Marquis Pellerin said he feels these clowns are impacting his family.

“My sisters didn’t go to school today and said they don’t want to go trick or treating this year because of clowns, I have several sisters and they are all terrified, the oldest of my sisters actually slept with a weapon fearing that the clowns will try to do a home invasion here,” Pellerin said.

If these young children are going to skip out on Halloween, how many others will?

What will become of Halloween?

Questions linger and this is not a situation to play with. Over 12 clowns have been caught and there are many more amongst us. What is this organization and what are they getting out of all of this?

Students have been said to have started creating fake profiles and threatening schools. There are clown-related web pages, with information about what they’ll do, wear (clown outfits) and what weapons they will use.

Can the school districts keep away these clowns, and can they ensure the safety of the children?

In Florida a school was locked down due to clown terrorist threats. Federal and local police visited the scene, and where able to arrest three suspects.

In Springfield Lisette Roman wants to ensure the safety of her children and others.

“My children may already be old enough to care for themselves, but I still fear for them, I see all the little kids walking to school on their own and it just scares me, who knows if they will decide to just go scoop some up on their ways to and from school,” Roman said.

“It’s really unsettling and scary to think of,” she added.

Roman said she wishes the clown incidents would end, and it doesn’t make it any better that their all teenagers and young adults playing pranks on the situation adding fuel to the fire, she feels their safety can become at risk, and they could actually be mistaken by law authority as the real thing and face criminal charges.