Surviving freshman year in Hines


Mary Ellen Lowney

Hines Hall is home to most of the freshman class.

Patrick Thompson, Staff Writer

Freshmen came into American International College last September as young adults, and weathered the liberation with gusto.

This was their first time being away from their parents and, shocking to some, found they must do everything on their own.

These freshmen now can sign legal documents by themselves and make decisions own their own, and now must take on even more responsibilities for their lives.

They are responsible for waking up on time for classes and deciding whether they want to go to class or not because they would not have their parents here to push them to go.

The first semester was completed and couple of students had something to say, but not only about the classes, but about living in Hines Hall, where most on-campus freshmen live.

Freshman Jonathan Rivera said the first semester was fun and invigorating – but also a learning experience.

“Being away from my parents for months and getting to see them on Christmas was so refreshing. Nothing feels better than being home,” said Rivera, who is an athlete on AIC’s Track and Field team. “Hines Hall cannot be compared to my home, but at the same time, it is not as bad as I thought it would be. The bathroom was dirty multiple times especially the toilets and the shower.”

Rivera also said, “Besides the bathroom being dirty, the teaching system is good here and you receive the help you need. My grade was fine last semester, but my goal is to even make it better.”

Another Hines resident, Trianna Phillips, said she’s made the best of the downsides of dorm life, and had a pretty good semester all around.

“Being back at AIC for a new semester makes me miss being back at home with my family and friends,” said Phillips.

“Hines Hall was not that bad, but the noise level was loud here and there. I did not really have a problem with the bathroom because I always used it when it is clean. I guess I got lucky,” Phillips added.

Phillips also said, “I am just looking to improve my grade this semester and I will be fine.”

Carl Colas said he is looking forward to moving out of Hines next year.

“I do not like Hines Hall because the dorms feel small for some reason,” said Colas, who plays football for AIC.

But, Colas appreciates the school overall.

“I really find the education here to be really satisfying. I did good last semester and now I am planning to do even better this semester,” Colas said.

All three Hines residents viewed their semester to be different, but had similar thoughts about AIC education. As the freshmen are finishing up the semester, they are looking to live better and uplift their grades.