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Shaneisha Jones’ spring break in the DR

Shaneisha Jones, Staff Writer

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This year, AIC’s spring break took place during the week of March 12-17.

If you have no clue what spring break is let me be the one to inform you.

Spring break is a week of no school and students have the option of staying on campus, going home, or going on vacations. Urban Dictionary defines spring break as “a week where all the dumb kids go to Cancun and all the level headed people get to relax.”

This definition is partly true but let’s not assume that all students traveling are dumb. It is just that sometimes in the heat of the moment students make poor decisions.

Spring break is every college student’s dream about fun and possible nightmares. This week of vacation is when groups of friends travel to popular warm places like Miami, Cancun, and other various places.

From what I observed this year’s break is that a lot of students from here went to Cancun, Florida, and other warm climate spots.

Parents are left home to worry about their children. Spring break for parents is scary. So many things can go wrong. During this vacation teens make mistakes and those mistakes can unfortunately cost them their lives.

I advise all students to always travel in groups and do not leave your drink unattended. My mother reminded me everyday while I was away to always stay with my friend that I traveled with.

I personally went on a vacation to Dominican Republic. We flew out of JFK and landed in Santo Domingo. We stayed on a small resort called the Catalonia.

When I first stepped into the DR air I was excited to be out of the cold. I could not believe I traveled to another country all on my own.

The drive from the hotel was about an hour and I utilized that hour to sleep because I had not slept since the previous day.

Once my friend and I arrived at the resort we were even more excited because it was everything we imagined and more.

They greeted us with drinks, and a lot of hospitality. They were amazed when they discovered we were American and not Dominican. The bellboy carried our luggage to our room and leaving wished us a great stay.

The week I spent away was a new experience. I appreciated the alone time along with the quiet moments where I could actually hear myself think. This vacation provided me with peace of mind.

This was my first Spring Break trip and I am so excited to plan my next one!

I spoke with other American International College students who visited different places of break.

One of those students was Michaela Shelby, who went to Cancun with her close friends. She is a junior here at AIC. I personally watched her Snapchat story and from watching her Snaps she looked as if she had a ball so I decided to interview her and ask her about her experience.

Shaneisha Jones: Overall, how much fun did you have on a scale 1 to 10?

Michaela Shelby: 10, I had so much fun!

SJ: So what did you have the most fun doing?

MS: Dancing and partying all night. We did not go to bed until 5, 6 in the morning.

SJ: Would you go back to Cancun?

MS: Yes, I had a blast.

SJ: How cautious were you and your friends?

MS: Honestly not, we were just trying to have as much fun as possible.

SJ: Is there anything you want to do next time that you did not do?

MS: I want to go scuba diving and ATV riding.


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Shaneisha Jones’ spring break in the DR