Looking ahead to the P.R.I.D.E. Fashion Show

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Looking ahead to the P.R.I.D.E. Fashion Show

Justin Lipscomb, Staff Writer

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Here at American International College, one of oldest student organizations called P.R.I.D.E. (Person’s Ready In Defense of Ebony) hosts many events all year round.

One in particular is the annual P.R.I.D.E. Fashion Show. Being a part of the fashion show committee and also modeling every year is a lot of work, but students feel so vindicated once the stage lights go on and to be ready to rip the runway – coming this year on Saturday, April 7!

Normally the show has an overall theme – following that are the scenes that tie in with the theme. It seems almost impossible to outdo the past fashion shows, because every year the members who help put the show together set the bar higher every single time, to the credit of all involved.

Last year’s theme of the show was a music video, where every scene including the opening went with the theme as a whole. One year there was the Barbie scene where every model dressed up as dolls. There were tribute scenes towards icons Michael Jackson where the models wore all suits and walked “Smooth Criminal,” and where the models took the 90s Hip Hop fashion and put a new twist to it. Those models walked to her song “Are You That Somebody.”

Another scene was an all pink scene were the models wore ALL PINK! The all pink scene was inspired by “Queen Bey” herself, Beyoncé’s music video “Check on it”.

Two of the audience’s favorites were the Bachelorette scene and the Solange scene. In the Bachelorette scene, all the guys were on stage for this one in a tricky situation were is they had to compete for one girl’s love. All the guys wore the same outfit so the tricky part was for each guy one by one to show of a captivating pose to win over the Bachelorette’s heart.

The Solange scene was a lot more calm were the male models wore all white to compliment the female models who wore all nude colors that matched their skin tone. What really won the crowds heart in the Solange scene was in the very beginning were a group of young girls from the Boys and Girls Club came out and danced ballet all around the models while they were posing.

Students at AIC, including the P.R.I.D.E. e-board, are wondering how is this year’s Fashion Show going to compete with last year’s stellar show.

Currently, after two tryouts and one more on the way, the process is already heading in a great direction, with returners from last year along with new participants. An amazing turnout is expected.

Fashion Show director Anyssa Dhaouadi said this year’s show is guaranteed to be a success.

“I have a lot of expectations this year for the show, one of them being to have more set times scheduled for things to be done so the staff nor the models have to worry about anything because it would be already token care of,” said Dhaouadi, a senior majoring in Sociology.

After saying that, it seems like everything is gearing towards an historic fashion show this year.

Taylor James-Mathurin is also involved in the show, and is looking forward to a great one.

“We have an amazing staff this year, with me being the stage manager,” James-Mathurin said. “Anyssa is the director and Justin on clothes and choreography, we each have a task and is going to work hard on reaching that task.”

The P.R.I.D.E. Fashion Show takes place on April 7, so everyone make sure to purchase your tickets and come watch an epic show!

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