SGA update: What to expect from Taylor Campos

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SGA update: What to expect from Taylor Campos

Andrew Bernucca, Staff Writer

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In our last paper, we discussed the AIC Student Government’s (SGA) nominations for Student Body President the night after SGA made their nominations.

The nominations at the time were two current executive board members. One was current Student Body Vice President Jonathan Murray, and the other was Student Body Press Secretary Taylor Campos.

Had the two of them run against each other, they would’ve given the school an interesting race.

They both have similar SGA experience, are both health science majors, both play soccer, and are even close friends. AIC was destined for a nail-biting election, but 24-hours after the nominations were confirmed we found out that race wouldn’t happen. In fact, there’s no race at all.

Murray dropped from the race, as him and Campos decided it wouldn’t be in their best interests to run against each other. That left Campos as the only candidate and practically a shoo-in for Student Body President, barring an upset win for a write-in candidate.

Even though victory is all but guaranteed for Campos, that hasn’t stopped her from campaigning.

She started a Facebook page for her campaign, Taylor Campos for Student Body President.

On that page, she introduced herself to potential voters to give an idea of who she is. She is from Naugatuck, Connecticut and cites her father’s lifelong career in law enforcement as the reasoning for her to desire to volunteer and help the communities she is apart of.

After that, she listed her main accomplishments in SGA. These accomplishments were passing an amendment to give the Student Body Secretary permission to speak freely and independently at meetings, creating the new SGA welcome packet to help recruit new SGA members, forming the dining commons committee to help improve the quality of the food on-campus, and lastly, creating the shuttle complaint form to help improve campus safety and transportation.

Campos’s platform makes it clear that she is planning to build on these accomplishments. The platform comes in three parts, highlighting these three issues: quality of the food at the dining commons, shuttle, and campus safety, and changing the culture at AIC.

The first two issues are pretty self-explanatory, areas where Campos has had success, and issues that she responded too after they were raised at a town hall forum by students.

The third issue, however, is much broader and will most likely be the defining issue of Campos’s soon to be Presidency.

The post on Campos’s Facebook page states that she wants to make students, “proud to attend AIC.” She plans on doing this by coming up with, “traditions and events that we don’t currently have.” No specific suggestions are made in the remainder of the statement, which may seem like false hope and lies to some but truthfully it’s the right approach.

Current Student Body President Dante Raggio pushed for a concert but his request was denied. The President before him had tried as well. Making a specific claim or suggestion narrows your ideas for your time in office. Campos is showing that she’s learned from watching this happen in her SGA seats in the past.

With the broad idea of wanting to simply create a tradition for the school and its students, she makes it clear that she doesn’t want to run the school like an autocrat. She wants to work with her constituents, her executive board members, and her Senate to help reshape AIC into not just the school they want, but the school they deserve.

Campos has set her sights high, and it doesn’t seem like anything will deter her or slow her down.

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