Nicki’s back, and the verdict is mixed on the AIC campus


Gisel Lopez, Staff Writer

Throughout the years, music styles have reflected society and has evolved with changes in our generation.

Not only did music change and evolve in our generation but also with the way new technologies have allowed new styles to emerge and change the way we listen to music, from radio to television, and records to the internet. The way we consume music had changed drastically.

In a new album created by known artist Nicki Minaj titled ‘Queen,’ this truth becomes evident.

One song in particular where she interpolations the Notorious B.I.G’s “dreams (just playing)” is genuinely a great song.

Minaj mocks in other words “throwing shade” at other artists. Barbie dreams was her way of a comeback, bringing that strident energy back to reality. She depicts her strong female aura in the song by targeting almost every networthy men in rap. The song became a huge hit throughout the world.

AIC freshman, Antonaya McMillian, shared her thoughts on the new album.

“Overall I think the song and the beat makes people want to bump to the music, but the way she expressed her feelings about other great artist made me feel like she was trying to start trouble,” said McMillian.

She added, “Which is I guess a way to get you feeling out there and stuff but maybe it could have been something differently.”

Still, McMillian gave the album an A plus.

“Overall, she’s very talented and the song does bump. I like it,” McMillian said.

Overall, the Nicki Minaj has built a strong name for herself known as the “Queen of rap” hence why her fourth top charting album is called “Queen.”

Freshman Dante Hayes said you can read a lot of the personal in this album, as far as Minaj is concerned.

“Nicki really didn’t have to do that,” he noted. “She really exposed all of her past lovers and relationships when she did not need to do that.”

He added, “If a man was to do this, to ‘air out his dirty laundry publicly,’ there would be so much backlash it is crazy. He would be attacked for being misogynistic and inconsiderate. Since this song was woman to man, the men involved were told to suck it up and move along. She exposed her ex’s for their flaws and their strange tendencies in front of the world.”

Freshman Chris Colon agreed.

“Nicki shouldn’t have performed this piece the way that she did,” Colon said.

“I enjoyed hearing the delivery of the lines that she gave towards all of the male rappers. Being the Queen that she is it wasn’t to my surprise that she didn’t hold back on any of the disses. Except the video should’ve addressed the title more,” he said.

Freshman Imani Williams had another opinion.

“It’s dope song since she switched it up to a female perspective since she did remake a guy’s song,” said Williams.

Added freshman Shaquasha Barnett-Cooper, “I think it’s a good song. I really don’t think it was a real like diss song, just playing around. But I feel like because she named names it seemed like a diss track or shady or whatever.”

Overall Nicki as set the bar high for new and upcoming rappers and also for the old. This was just another step at claiming her title queen of rap.

Giving that her new rival is Cardi B, this does not stop her from doing what has to be done to secure the bag. Surprisingly she hasn’t really gotten any backlash from the song,in fact a lot of people find it utterly hysterical as fans all over the world commented with funny memes on Twitter and Instagram, they also found very as some may say “tea worthy.”

Nicki Minaj’s raise to fame wasn’t easy but she sure is telling us all that she is back, is not playing games and is here to stay.