Mid-Year update: Taylor Campos, Student Body President.

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Mid-Year update: Taylor Campos, Student Body President.

Photo by Mike Eriquezzo

Photo by Mike Eriquezzo

Photo by Mike Eriquezzo

Federica Frew, Staff Writer

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In the Spring semester of 2018, senior Taylor Campos was elected as the AIC Student Government Association’s Student Body President for the 2018-19 academic year.  She succeeds Dante Raggio, who led the student body in 2017-18.

It doesn’t come easy for Campos, however, as she is one busy lady.  She is a senior finishing up her Nursing degree, she works as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Yale-New Haven Hospital, at the Falconer Fitness Centre, and as a substitute teacher.

This year she now leads the AIC Student Body as President, heading the Student Government Association.  Despite her many commitments, she has continued to dedicate herself to AIC and SGA – she has more than fulfilled her election promise of bringing SGA back to the students and giving them a voice on campus.

As we approach the halfway point of the year, I took some time to sit down with my friend. We talked about the year so far – for Taylor, personally, and as the Student Body President.

FF: Hi Taylor, nice to speak with you. How are you feeling after your first semester juggling the Presidency and your Nursing course?

TC: I feel excited because I survived. My grades are very important to me, so it is easy to be disciplined. However, I give my all for everything I do so I was able to manage my time. I am happy I learned a routine to keep me on track, at all times.

Taylor and her aunt working together at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

FF: What are some things SGA is working on this year under your leadership?

TC: We are doing a lot of changing internally to make students want to join SGA. For example, we have condensed our meeting times to one hour per week which students really seem to appreciate. Another change that we have implemented was Committee Chairs in order to give the students a chance to lead during our collaborative meetings.

FF: Do you think that SGA has improved its presence on campus this year?

TC: Definitely! I think we are at a real advantage this year by being more diverse, because students now feel that populations are being well represented. Also, we have other plans to promote SGA and create that presence. The students in SGA do a lot of hard work and deserve recognition. It is also important for students on campus to know who their representative is.

FF: Is it difficult to juggle both SGA and nursing? How do you cope with that?

TC: YES! But I have a great support system here and it really helps. I try to stay as organized as possible. I have to write everything down in my planner and make daily to do lists. I learned that staying routine with that has helped keep me organized on the specific day. It’s like making one long term goal and then breaking it down to shorter term goals with hopes to accomplish the long-term goal in the end (graduate).

FF: What are some of the things you have brought to SGA?

TC: I have brought a new energy to SGA. I am student-oriented and goal-driven. I also am open minded, and more than willing to investigate any student’s idea.

FF: What have you gained personally from the experience of being student body president?

TC: I have learned to be patient. I have learned that you can get a lot accomplished by having a good relationship with your peers. Lastly, as a nursing major we are taught that in our profession it is important to learn proper delegation. I think in the role of Student Body President I have plenty of opportunities to delegate (and follow up on progress).

FF: What are you hoping to leave behind at the end of this year? What will your legacy be?

TC: I want to leave creating good student leaders who are ready to continue with change. Every school has room to evolve, and that is fine. I also want to leave knowing future SGA presidents are ready for the next year.

SGA meets on Thursday evenings at 7pm.  If you are interested in joining, please contact Taylor and SGA – [email protected]or check the SGA page on AIC Engage.

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