‘Noises Off’ is coming to AIC!


Annie Norton, Staff Writer

The AIC Theater will present the comedy farce ‘Noises Off’, with performances in the Griswold Auditorium on the weekend starting Friday Nov. 30.

The campus community and general public are welcome to attend this free event that drama students and others have been working on all semester. Donations are welcome.

‘Noises Off’ is a wildly comedic and witty play that involves a diverse talented cast featuring our talented students directed by Theater Department Chair Frank Borrelli.

‘Noises Off’ is about what happens during rehearsals, performances, and only hours before the opening of a play.

You as an audience will get to experience the drama of what happen back stage and everything that goes into to opening up a show.

The YJ had the opportunity to chat with one of the cast members — Dante Woods a senior and a Theater major. Woods plays two characters in the show, one named Phillip and one named Frederick. Fredrick is an actor playing the role of Phillip in the play called ‘Nothing On’ which is the show the cast is putting on (and the audience is seeing what is happening behind the scenes.)

“Frederick is a very sensitive character who always apologizes for things because he feels bad if they don’t go right…he gets nosebleeds if he witnesses violence or when he gets worked up,” Woods said.

“While Phillip is an ‘upper-class’ man who is trying to hide from the income tax,” he added

Woods went on to explain, “This show is a farce and is also a play within a play it is definitely a show you’ll be laughing throughout… there is a lot of physical comedy in it and so the energy always has to be high!”

What does Woods enjoy the most about being a part of the production?

“The thing that I am enjoying most about this process is the amount of work and diligence its taking to make sure that this show is ready for an audience,” he said.

“Nothing feeds my soul more than theater and so being able to have the opportunity to be apart of a play of this caliber fills me up completely,” he said.

Another actor and theater student, Sophia Oliveira, is also enjoying the production to the max.

“The show is the funniest play I’ve ever been a part of,” Oliveira said. “There is a lot of physical comedy in this production that takes it to a whole other level of hilarity.”

She likes her characters, Belinda Blair and Flavia Brent, and is learning a lot as the rehearsals continue.

“The part of the process I am enjoying most is definitely exploring the characters I’m playing and how I can work with them effectively,” Oliveira said.

“It is making grow as an actor, and go completely out of my comfort zone,” she added.

Oliveira gave full credit to Director Frank Borrelli.

“He is always pushing us to be our best and this show really puts us to the test with what we can do.

This cast is a full vibrant cast and j hope everyone can come out and show us support,” she said.

You can catch noises off on Friday, November 30thand Saturday, December 1st, 2018 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, December 2, 2018 at 2 p.m. Come immerse yourself for two hours in this comedic show filled with an extremely talented cast!