Ella Mai & Meek Mill break out new music

Lui Sitama, Staff Writer

American International College students are doing more than just studying for finals.

They also have had individual time to listen to some new music. Their focus is rich, with a variety from R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Techno, and Country.

Some albums that have recently come out have major impact on people emotionally. These music artists today choose to make connections with people on a higher level.

The two albums on review are ‘Ella Mai’ by Ella Mai and ‘Championships’ by Meek Mill. Ella Mai is a brand-new artist to the people while on the other hand Meek Mill has been in the music game for a while now.

But both albums were released this year of 2018. Ella Mai was released in October 12 and Meek Mill was just released November 30.

Beginning with Ella Mai she is a R&B artist who wants to work on bringing the old R&B style back with a little flavor.

Students from AIC had a couple of favorites to describe from her new album.

“My favorite song from her new album is everything featuring John legend,” said AIC student Aohili Latu.

“Boo’d up. It explains how it feels to be in a relationship. She’s explaining how her significant other makes her feel,” said AIC student Hilaria Lymas.

Students also chose to say if they like Ella Mai album.

“I like this new album because I feel like I can relate to what she is singing about. Mainly her feelings but it speaks to me,” said Latu.

“No, I actually like it although I feel like it’s predictable with what most of these artists talk about. But then again love is always a suitable and safe topic to write and sing about because it’s relatable,” said Lymas.

Are some songs on Mai album able to be called a classic?

“Some songs I think are classic in her own way,” said Latu.

Is this album one of the best albums in a long time or could it be better?

“Yes, because she is a new upcoming artist and I believe she is setting the tone for herself as an artist,” said Latu.

“But I think she needs to do better just come out with more new albums. Start dropping new songs and getting herself out there,” said Latu.

Would students refer this album to other students?

“I definitely would refer this album to other people because her voice is beautiful and angelic like why you wouldn’t listen,” asked Latu.

“Yeah simply because it’s an album that you can relate to,” said Lymas

Next, we have Meek Mill he is a Hip-Hop artist who has recently been released from prison in April 2018, to start making a huge impact in music industry again.

What better way to do that than release a 19-track album with several featured artist.  Including Ella Mai featured on song 24/7.

Here are a couple of favorites from Meek Mill album people chose.

“I have plenty favorites, but my ultimate favorite is ‘Trauma’ because his lyrics are so self-explanatory about his life and what he always has to overcome,” said AIC student Melissa Dessources.

“My fav song is the title track ‘Championships’ because it has a soulful vibe, but meek mill uses his lyrical ability to paint vivid pictures of his struggles & success,” said AIC student Jihad Khabir.

Would you say students like the Meek Mill new album?

“I love his new album and it was definitely worth the wait because I was very impatient. He had a lot to get off his chest and it was well said throughout the whole album,” said Dessources.

“I love his new album because I’ve been following meek since he started rapping so it really makes me proud to see all of his growth through his music, now in his 4th studio album he is 31 and he’s blossomed as a man and through all his trials & tribulations he stood tall and I respect that and his music reflects that,” said Khabir.

Are there any classics in this new album?

“He made some classic songs which made the album outstanding especially with some of the OG features such as Jay Z, Fabulous, Rick Ross, and much more,” said Dessources.

“Only time will tell if the songs are classics, but in my humble opinion I think he has a few. The one that stands out the most is ‘What’s Free’ ft Jay-Z & Rick Ross also, ‘Going Bad’ ft Drake.” said Khabir.

“Meek unites with Jay-Z in ‘What’s Free’ song, for the first time over Biggie Smalls ‘What’s Beef’ instrumental which creates an old school New York vibe and none of the artists disappointed,” said Khabir.

“’Going Bad’ with Drake, Meek Mill finally reunites with Drake on a song after a long rap beef the fans are excited to hear new Drake&Meek that’s why it’s a classic to me.” said Khabir.

Is this one of the best albums in a long time or could it be better?

“I mean to best knowledge and being a fan, I believe all of his albums are the best he has created. Great songs throughout all his albums which are still playing ‘till this day.” said Dessources.

“All I have to say to Meek Mill is keep pushing through all of his obstacles and fall backs and always keep his head up and focus on the task at hand “said Dessources.

“Also, continue making great songs that can uplift his fans and keep impacting people throughout the world. “said Dessources.

Again, the album just came out so you can’t judge it right now only time can tell but it’s my fav album out right now.” said Khabir.

“I have no complaints this is a great album” said Khabir.

Would this album be referred to other students?

“I will definitely refer this album to everyone that appreciate Meek Mill for his resilience and ambition throughout his life and what he had to go through dealing with a corrupt system.” said Dessources.

“Yes, I would refer it to everyone because it has different flavors for everyone, he touched a lot of basis” said Khabir.

Overall, the students of AIC have made their statements and seems to be both albums are a great decision. Go listen now to both albums on any music outlet to see if you like them as well.