Brazilian Presidency


Felipe Novelini, Staff Writer

In the last few years Brazil has been suffering innumerous cases of corruption. Most of these cases come from the government and its employers.

This case of corruption started in 2002 with Luiz Inacio Lula Silva, who was president from 2003 until 2010.

Lula has been involved in a lot of cases of corruption. Lula was the predecessor of Dilma Rousseff. The introduction of social programs such as Bolsa Família and Fome Zero were hallmarks of his time in office.

Bolsa familia is a program which benefits people which has children and do not have money to support them. Fome zero is a program which the government helps poor people giving them food and trying to finish the hunger in Brazil.

After some years and the development of some cases Lula was indicted guilty for corruption cases like the Mensalao and Lava Jato.

On 5 April 2018, Brazil’s Supreme Federal Court (STF) voted 6–5 to deny Lula’s habeas corpus petition.

The court ruled that Lula must begin serving the sentence relating to the 12 July 2017 judgment, despite not having exhausted all of his rights to appeal.

Lula and his political party vowed to continue his campaign from prison following the court’s decision that he must surrender himself by 6 April. The head of Brazil’s army, General Eduardo Villas Boas, called for Lula to go to the jail. Lula failed to turn himself in at the scheduled time, he but did so on the following day on 7 April.

After the imprisonment of Lula, protesters took to the streets in cities across Brazil. Lula’s prison created the movement Free Lula. He still in jail.

In 2010 the first woman was elected President of Brazil, her name is Dilma Rousseff, who worked for the party known as PT (Partido do trabalhadores). She works at the same party as Lula and they were working together at the last election.

Dilma Rousseff was inaugurated as President of Brazil on 1 January 2011. The event – which was organized by her transitional team, the Ministries of External Relations and Defense and the Presidency of the Republic was awaited with some expectation, since she became the first woman ever to preside over the country. Important female figures in Brazilian history were honored with panels spread across the Monumental Axis. According to the Military Police of the Federal District, around 30,000 people attended.

She got an impeachment in 2017 when a lot of Brazilians (more than 1 million) went to the streets of whole Brazil protest against her.

Bolsonaro was sworn in as President of the Republic on 1 January 2019, succeeding Michel Temer. Bolsonaro began his cabinet formation before winning the presidency, having chosen economist Paulo Guedes as his Economy minister and astronaut Marcos Pontes as his Science and Technology minister. Bolsonaro initially said his cabinet would be composed of 15 members; this figure later rose to 22 when he announced his final minister, Ricardo Salles, in December. His predecessor, Michel Temer, had a cabinet of 29 members.

A lot of people in Brazil has said that Bolsonaro can bring the dictatorship back because his style of presidency is kind of radical.

I interviewed some people in Brazil to see which government they prefer and what they think about Bolsonaro government.

Gabrielli Resende, 22 years old, says that Bolsonaro is a crazy president. She says he does not care about the poor people and the Indians tribes located in Brazil. She says if he wants the dictatorship he is going to the right way.

  • He wants the right to use guns. This is too much. There is shooting everyday here, imagine when this law be approved. She said.

When questioned about the old government she said. That was not good either but is better than Bolsonaro.

Lucas Cyrillo, 24 years old says he is enjoying Bolsonaro government, but he does not approve it in 100%.

  • It has been good, I like his ministers but there is too many things to get better and he needs to work on it.
  • I do not love this party or the last party because both are them has the same intent, I am not right or left party, said Lucas.

Ayrton Saba, 23 years old says that Bolsonaro has been a good President so far.

  • He has been good for us. He is making a lot of alliances with USA, Israel, and other important countries. I have loved it so far.

It was time to the other party be kicked out of the power they ruined our country, said Ayrton.