AIC hockey historic run last season


Elijiah Barriga

Atlantic hockey championship game photo celebration

Elijiah Barriga, Staff Writer

Coming into the new hockey season at American International College, we look back on what made that AIC hockey team successful last season, and what they might have to do differently to have the same success this season.

Kyle Stephan, a senior majoring in Economics and Finance, stated, “We bought into a system completely. Our coach created a style of play that was tailor-made for the players on our team, and the team bought in. Everyone did their job and we worked as a unit.”

When sitting down with Stephen, he talked about what achievements he was most proud of. “Winning our division, and then also winning our playoffs was the most fun for me. The upset of the national number one seat was incredible, but it was followed the next day by our season-ending, so that left a somewhat bitter aftertaste.”

Discussing the most exciting things for him last season, he said, “Seeing people look at us as a program in a new light. No longer being the kids overlooked by the bigger schools, our name carries weight in the hockey community that extends to the NHL level. NHL coaches recognizing the season we had, and the team we are.”

Elijiah Barriga
Parker Revering taping his stick before practice in the 2019-2020 season

Parker Revering, a sophomore majoring in accounting, weighed in and said, “winning the playoffs, all the hard work from the whole year proved its self, and being a champion is something we can cherish forever.”

When asked how he felt being a part of something special like this Stephan, states “it gave me a year that I will never forget, stories that I will be able to tell my kids about, only to be superseded by stories, and memories we will make this year.”

Stephan then discussed what it was like playing in the elite 8, and the atmosphere of it all. “I tried not to let the weight of the situation get into my head. To me, I did everything the same like, like it was another game. I think realizing where we were set in after had returned home, and had the too really look at things. At the moment you just kept your eyes forward, and open on what’s up next.”

Stephan talked about some pregame rituals he likes to do. “I’m very specific about when I tape my stick, the order in which I do my office ice warm-up, and the biggest is not being part of pregame soccer juggling game most of the guy’s play (the ball can’t touch me on game day).”

In order to replicate the same success this season, Stephan thinks the team needs to “[embrace] the system that the coach gives us, being stingy defensively, make the opponents play on the outside of the rink while we own the middle of the ice, and having another strong year from our goaltenders.”

Going into his senior season, he discussed his goals. “I have several personal goals in terms of performance, but mostly I want to remain a team people are chasing, I love the idea the every night people have a target on our back, and we have to play up to the hype we have created”.

When asked where he saw himself going after college hockey. He said, “This year being my final year, I would like to play professional hockey after this year. In the North American Hockey League or head to overseas, and play in Europe for a few years.”