Homecoming festivities bring AIC together

Homecoming pep rally in Butova Gym

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Homecoming pep rally in Butova Gym

Rose McCaffrey, Staff Writer

Homecoming at AIC was held on campus from October 24-27, 2019. Homecoming activities during the week and weekend were open to all students and alumni, and showcased the athletic teams, including the football team’s triumph over Franklin Pierce University.

The weekend also featured a pep rally, a party bus, a dance, and performances by the cheerleading team, and the dance team, the Queen Bees.

The first event was the pep rally, which was held on Thursday, October 24, in the Butova and Metcalf Gymnasiums.

It was overall an amazing night filled with laughter, dancing, and school spirit.

Damahya Phipps, a management major and business minor, said, “My favorite part was seeing everyone have a good time, and everyone including the people in the crowd being a part of it.”

Eliza Mullin, a communication major, commented, “Everyone at the pep rally was really excited and full of energy the entire time.” The gym was filled with students of all ages, who were looking forward to the events that come with Homecoming weekend.

Thursday night started off with a party bus that picked students up at each of the shuttle stops on campus. The bus was a double-decker, and students who were on the bus received various glow-in-the-dark items.

Mullin was surprised when she was expecting the regular shuttle to arrive. “I was waiting at the shuttle stop with my friend and instead that showed up,” Mullin said. “I think that pretty much made the night for me.”

Mairead Kealy
Rose McCaffrey (right) and Sarah Tomczyk (left) enjoying the festivities at the tailgate.

The entertainment of the night included a DJ, who kept the students energetic by playing the top music hits, the Queen Bees, who performed two dances, and the cheerleaders, who cheered and performed a dance.

With all the entertainment, the students who attended were in for a big treat.

The night was also full of different competitions between the students, including a dance battle, a three-point contest, and musical chairs.

Joseph Aponte, a sports management major, said, “My favorite part of the pep rally was the dance battle.”

Not only was the pep rally celebrating AIC’s athletes, it was a night full of festivities. After the pep rally, the party bus was back in action, driving everyone to the pep rally after-party at the Stinger.

One of the most energetic parts of the night was the after-party. The DJ blasted loud music over a packed Stinger.

Mariah Mauke, a junior majoring in political science, suggested that the after-party was the place to be. “Whoever didn’t come to the after-party really missed out,” Mauke said.

The pep rally and the after-party really set the tone for Homecoming weekend. “Everyone always looks forward to the pep rally,” Mauke continued. “They did a really good job organizing it, and everyone who was there and who I talked to had a blast.”

Mullin suggested that this year’s event was even better than last year’s. “Some of the things we had this year,” she said, “we did not have last year. So it was really cool to have some things change.”

With all the exciting things that happened on Thursday, October 24, it is safe to say that all those in attendance became even more excited for the weekend’s festivities.

The weekend included a football game against Franklin Pierce University, who the Yellow Jackets defeated.

This game also included a half-time performance by the Queen Bees, and featured the cheerleaders rooting for the Yellow Jackets.

Directly following the game, there was a tailgate party held in the lot across from the fields next to Edgewood. This party was full of dancing, and of course food.

Later that night was the Homecoming dance, which was held in the tent next to the football field.

Emily Matte
Mariah Mauke, Lizzie Fisher, Julia Hoyle, and Emily Matte attending the pep rally.

The party was extremely popular among students, and even attracted outside guests to join in on the fun of Homecoming weekend.

For one student, Sarah Tomczyk, the dance on Saturday night was the highlight of the weekend.

“There were a lot of people at the dance, and getting to dance and talk with numerous people really made my night,” Tomczyk said. “I had a splendid time.”