New Student Orientation Hopes to Welcome Incoming Yellow Jackets as Usual

Esterina O'Donnell, Staff Writer

Every year, American International College hosts a three-day New Student Orientation to welcome the incoming first-year students. New Student Orientation is extremely important for a new student’s transition to AIC. Students are able to learn many important factors that will help them strive and achieve success during their time at AIC.

Presented by Student Life, new Yellow Jackets are welcomed to the campus in a friendly way. This year’s New Student Orientation is scheduled for Friday, August 21 through Sunday, August 23, 2020.

Rising junior Chiarina Sarno has been a tour guide at AIC since she started in the fall of 2018. She has given over forty-five tours to students who are interested in applying to AIC or who have already accepted.

Sarno stresses the importance of New Student Orientation. Whether a student is planning to live on campus or to commute, they are expected to attend the orientation event. First-year students who will be living in the dorms will move in between 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., followed by a lunch, which will be available for all students and their families in the Dining Commons.

New Student Orientation is extremely beneficial to students who are unfamiliar with AIC. First and foremost, students are able to become more familiar with the campus and the facilities it has to offer. This might include a tour with Sarno or another Student Ambassador. These tours introduce students to the Dining Commons, Library, Advising Center, Athletic Campus, Shuttle Services, Residence Halls, and any campus offices that are important for students to understand.

This gives students an opportunity to ask any questions they may have thought about over the summer. Sarno reported that she gets “many questions about different ways to become more involved on campus.”

After learning about what our campus has to offer, students will feel comfortable walking into any facility on campus without hesitation. During this time, students are also able to get their picture taken for their AIC Student Identification card.

Aside from learning about what the campus has to offer through tours, students are able to meet with professors in their selected majors. This gives students the relief of knowing that when they walk into class on the first day of school, they will have already met their professors.

They may also see some familiar faces in the classroom on that first day, including other students in their major. There are many opportunities to meet and learn about their classmates throughout New Student Orientation. Students take part in fun ice-breaking activities that are a way for students to meet new faces.

“Don’t be shy,” Sarno stated. “Reach out to both familiar and unfamiliar by introducing yourself. Because you never know: that could be a future friend.” Many different group activities take place so students can meet new friends.

Although it may seem like a very overwhelming schedule at first, participants in the New Student Orientation will leave feeling confident and ready to start their college experience.

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Students get ready for classes to start