5 Things I Miss About AIC

Ave' Mullen

Springfield, Massachusetts — Social distancing has taken its toll on everyone here at AIC. It’s a real disappointment because there were so many special events planned for the end of the semester—like Spring Weekend, and of course the class of 2020’s commencement ceremony. At this point, I am so ready for everything to go back to normal and to get back to campus. College isn’t the same without those in-person interactions and accessible resources. However, Student Life has been doing an excellent job at keeping students updated and active on social media with their Virtual Spring Weekend, bingo games, and trivia, giving us all nostalgia for the good ‘ole days before the pandemic.

Here are five things I miss about AIC:

  1. Shea Library

There is no quiet and comfortable space like the library. It made it so easy to focus on assignments, to print or make copies, and to get help from a professional at the Writing Center or at the Advising Center. I miss the glass study rooms the most. It made doing homework fun and creative. The best part about the library is that it’s the number one meeting place for group projects and meetings. It’s also a great place to just hang out while being productive. Something about the library’s energy just made it easier to get in “student mode” and to stay motivated about assignments. It was also a great place to ask for help.

  1. The Dining Commons

As much as everyone loved to complain about the food in the DC, I know a lot of people miss it now. The DC was sometimes the only way students were able to get at least three meals a day. I miss AIC Radio playing music in the DC the most. It made the dinner environment a perfect way to wind down after a long day, and it seemed to make people happier. The DC is the best place to find out what fun events are happening on campus and to hear the overall buzz. Nothing brings a family together like food.

  1. The Center for Student Engagement

The CSE is hands down my favorite place on campus. If you want to get involve, if you just need to talk, or if you need help with anything, the Center for Student Engagement is the place to go. They have the best staff that assist students with everything they need to create or join a club, throw an event or fundraiser, or spread awareness on campus. All of the fun events that students have enjoyed over the years including PRIDE’s Annual Fashion Show, Buzz Bash, and the Lip-Syncing Battle have been put together through the CSE.

  1. The Stinger Pub

The Stinger is the best place to have events. There are games, TV, food, drinks, and music—the key ingredients to a great party. So many cool events like Karaoke Night, Bar Trivia, and the Talent Show have happened in the Stinger Pub. It’s super comfortable and has great decorations. It’s the best spot to have fun on campus. The Stinger Pub has created so many great memories and special moments. I can’t wait to see the events that are put on in the future because they keep getting more and more creative.

  1. The Quad

The quad is one of those places that you don’t appreciate until it’s gone. The quad is like the heart of AIC. It’s where we come together as One Hive, One Family. We pass through the quad every day going to classes and meetings. The quad is the best place to spread awareness because you get the chance to cross paths with everyone. When there is music out on the quad on a nice day, the ACE program comes out and plays volleyball. People sit on the steps and talk about life, and everyone is happy to be at school.

For the safety and benefit of everyone, it is important that we are taking this time out to make sure everyone is healthy so we can continue to thrive on campus. There is a lot that we can learn from this situation about our health and how to protect ourselves so that when the time is right, we can enjoy everything our campus has to offer.