Students React to Super Bowl LVII

Javon Flynn, Staff Writer

On Sunday, February 12, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles faced off in Super Bowl 57. This game was everything all viewers hoped for. Both offenses were clicking on all cylinders. However it would be the Kansas City Chiefs who would ultimately take the Super Bowl 57 victory thanks to a game-winning field goal by Chiefs kicker Harrison Buttker. Patrick Mahomes would end up taking home his second Super Bowl MVP, along with his second Super Bowl championship in his first five years of starting.

Kyrie Williams (Javon Flynn)

I asked some of my fellow classmates for their perspectives on the game. Kyrie Williams had this to share:

“I’ve said it all season and I’ll say it again. That man Patrick freaking Mahomes is something we have never ever seen. I’m not gonna lie: at first, I thought all these tricks and magical stuff he pulls off was just luck, but now I realize, how the hell can it be luck if the guy is constantly doing it? I mean like for real! This guy does stuff normal and even historically great quarterbacks never dream of doing, let alone actually trying it in games of such high magnitude. A magician is really all I can call him. Down by ten or twenty-one? Doesn’t matter. It just seems like he always finds a way to win. Outside of Tom Brady, we haven’t seen this type of dominance, and it’s truly amazing to watch every time he touches the field.”

Joe Diffilippo (Joe Diffilippo)

Another AIC student, Joe Diffilippo, offered his thoughts on the game. “I picked the Eagles to win off the strength that they had the better team all around. But I should have known better than to bet against the young GOAT, Patrick Mahomes. It was a real thriller. I can’t recall the last Super Bowl game that I was actually on the edge of my seat, with palms and everything sweating. Philadelphia played their tails off, but that fumble by Jalen Hurts I think really came back to hurt them. You have to give credit to the Kansas City defense as well. They had a lot of rookies, not only playing big minutes, but starting as well. For them and with big pressure moments on the line, these rookies stepped up and made some tremendous plays, and I don’t think a lot of people are talking about it enough. That Eagles offense was one of the best rushing offenses in the NFL this season, and the Chiefs defense made some big stops and got off the field when they needed to the most. Overall, this game was definitely one of the most entertaining games I’ve watched. Hats off to Mahomes and the Chiefs. They earned this one.”

Shamar Schand (Javon Flynn)

Shamar Schand offered these thoughts: “Before I speak on the game as a whole, I want to address the people and Eagles fans who are still complaining and salty about that holding call on cornerback James Bradberry IV. It was a hold and anyone watching could clearly see Bradberry’s black gloves tug and hold onto Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Ju-Ju Smith-Shuster, stopping him from continuing to run his route. Maybe if he didn’t commit the penalty right in front of the ref, they would have never called it. It is kind of ironic because in the first half, the Eagles were getting away with all types of iffy calls and even getting away with some missed calls. If we are gonna complain about the refs, let’s talk about how the Chiefs had more penalties against them than the Eagles did! So I don’t wanna hear none of the crying and complaining about refs! The Eagles were up by ten points and Mahomes was playing with one foot, basically. So there is no excuse, Philly! Y’all just got outplayed and out-coached, plain and simple.”