AIC Raises Nearly $400K on AIC Gives Day

Saleem Messiah, Staff Writer

AIC Gives day was a fundraising event held March 1, 2023 that benefits the whole campus, and lasts for twenty-four hours. The purpose of it is to enhance and improve AIC’s operational ability for the staff and the students. There were six areas that patrons could donate to, and those six were also broken down into other sub-categories within those. The six main categories are the funds for AIC and campus support, student life, academics, athletics, the President’s strategic investment, and lastly the 2023 senior class gift.

When it comes to AIC and campus support there were seventy-six donations to the sub-categories of area of greatest needs which totaled up to $88,155. For scholarships, there were thirty donations that totaled up to $12,420. There were thirty-seven donations to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging fund that raised $7,611. Campus technology and teaching tools had twelve donations totaling $1,525. There were also three donations that raised $20 for the faculty and staff development fund. All of these donations exceeded their goal, with the exception of the campus technology and teaching tools as well as the faculty and staff development fund.

The student life category had three sub-categories where people could donate. The student engagement and leadership development fund had five donations totaling $465. The student emergency fund had eleven donators who gave $665. The student success fund had five donations for $1,775. Unfortunately, none of the subcategories reached their goal, but the student success fund was the closest, reaching 71% of their goal.

The academics category had three sub-categories as well. The Academic Excellence Fund had fifty-six donators and raised $9,210. The James Shea Memorial Library had twenty-four donators for $1,244. Finally, faculty development had five donations for $1,345. Unfortunately, none of them reached their goal either, but the academic excellence fund reached 92% of their goal.

The President’s strategic investment fund is used to boost anything that needs financial help within the school. Thirty-three donators raised a total of $7,650. The 2023 senior class gift raised $250 with nine supporters.

When it comes to the athletics side, there were twenty-five different sub-categories. Between all twenty-five categories, athletics alone made $260,550 of the $392,885. The athletics general fund made $3,005 with nineteen donations. Baseball made $19,846 with 187 donations. $11,473 was made by way of the men’s basketball team from sixty-one donations. The women’s basketball team made $7,500 from seventy-six donations. Cross Country/ Track and Field team made $892 from thirty-eight donations. Field Hockey made $6,832 with 114 donators.

The football team made $14,722 with thirty-seven donations. The golf team made $3,671 from thirty-one donators. The ice hockey team made a whopping total of $127,167 from 185 donations. Men’s lacrosse made $3,430 from forty-four donators. Women’s Lacrosse raised $20,252 with seventy-eight donators. Men’s rugby made $3,849 with sixty-five donations.

Football team member Elijah Stokley said, “I think it’s pretty cool how even though we’re a small college people still think enough of us as students to donate to us to help improve our college experience… I believe that if we continue to progress even more and we stick together as a school, we can raise even more next year.”

Women’s rugby raised $5,541 with eighty-four donators. Men’s soccer raised $3,071 with fifty-seven donations, and women’s soccer got seventy-six donations and raised $2,195. Softball raised $4,080 with fifty-nine donations. Women’s tennis raised $305 with seven donators.

Women’s triathlon raised $2,835 with twenty donations.

Men’s volleyball raised $1,470 with twenty-nine donations. Women’s volleyball raised $1,470 with twenty-nine donations. Women’s volleyball raised $6,175 with 101 donations. Wrestling raised $7,001 with eighty-nine donations. The athletic communications department raised $2,335. The athletics equipment room raised $275 with eight donations. The athletics strength and conditioning department raised $1,888 with four donations. Finally, athletic training raised $740 from twenty-eight donators.

Lucas Morales-Fernandez said, “I been here three years and I think it’s the biggest turnout I’ve seen. To know we’re a small school but people still want to support us makes you feel seen as an athlete–not just the athletic side but academics itself. Everything was donated to all departments. Even if it was just a little bit, it’s pretty cool to see somebody want to support our school.”

The 1,441 donations made on Giving Day came from forty-three states and twelve countries. Thank you to everyone who donated!

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