Finals time — How are students coping with stress?

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Finals time — How are students coping with stress?

Sharaya Barnett, Staff Writer

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As we all know finals time is coming up. With all the studying for exams students tend to get a little stressed, which is normal. How to cope with the stress is really what is important.

When you have demanding majors like nursing, business, education and others the work load and the amount of studying for all those classes can be overwhelming. You must find ways to study effectively but not stress yourself out to the extreme.

Students are feeling the pressure, and looking for ways to get through it all.

Amanda Russell, commuter student at AIC who is a nursing major talks about her stress during this finals season.

“I have more of an anxious feeling rather than stress. I’m just worried about how I’m going to pass all of my exams,” Russell said.

When asked how to cope with the stress Russell said, “I just make sure to take breaks in-between studying to do s

Kiara Velasquez

omething fun, relax, or sometimes exercise.

“Normally, I make flashcards or make videos to go back and listen to, to review information and that really helps a lot.”

Kiara Velasquez, also a freshman student at AIC, agreed it is a stressful time.

“Finals have me feeling a little overwhelmed and I am actually pretty depressed. The work load makes me discouraged because nursing is really hard,” she said.

Velasquez added, “The lack of sleep from staying up until two in the morning studying with blackboard shutting down is all so stressful. To cope I keep to myself, listen to music and sometimes write down how I feel and that helps me a lot. Also, to study I go to a quiet space where I won’t get distracted like the second floor of the library. I just put my headphones on and listen to relaxing music and soundwaves. Even Christmas music since Christmas is coming up.”

Jalah Oates

Jalah Oates, a junior at AIC, has a very demanding major of Liberal Studies/Education. She’s doing her best.

“Final exams are very overwhelming but I also feel like I am prepared for it at this point,” she said “To cope with the stress of finals I tend to isolate myself, listen to music, stay in my room and just try to stay away from all distractions.”

Oates added, “My study habits include writing things multiple times and rereading things multiple times, so it really processes in my mind.”

So, students seem to be anxious and a little stressed about finals time but have effective ways to cope with their stress and good study habits to help them get through It.

Stay focused but also make time for things other than studying if not the stress will become too high and it shouldn’t have to be that way.

Stay stress free and good luck.For those feeling the stress, just remember – winter break is just on the other side of this busy time!


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