Jams on the Quad invites students to kick back and enjoy the music


Esterina O'Donnell

Members of the AIC Hockey Team chatting while enjoying the music outside the Hive

Esterina O'Donnell, Staff Writer

Jams on the Quad happens every Thursday during C hour (11 a.m. to 12 p.m.) at the Schwartz Campus Center in front of the quad. Weather permitting, both students and faculty can enjoy popular music outside. This is a great way for the AIC community to get a break from academics and just enjoy themselves outdoors.

Gianni Romeo, a criminal justice and sociology major, is the DJ for Jams on the Quad. The junior has been DJ-ing for about two years.

Esterina O’Donnell
Gianni Romeo, the DJ for Jams on the Quad.

“I just picked it up and loved music,” said Romeo about how he started being involved with DJing.

Romeo uses the music program Tracktor. He creates a playlist of popular music and incorporates some of the genres he listens to, like Spanish and rap.

Romeo expressed that he “enjoys the flow and beats of music.” Romeo has hosted Jams on The Quad ever since he became a Yellow Jacket in his freshman year. He takes any requests of music to be played on the quad for everyone to enjoy!

Jams on the Quad became an event in the 2017 school year.

“It was important to bring more life to campus,” says Romeo.

He believed that the Radio Club wanted to find a better way to help students become more engaged and interactive on campus during school hours.

Romeo is one of the members of the AIC Radio Club. The club is a great way to help students display their talents and passions towards media, broadcasting, and more. It was created in 2016 by AIC students Jeremy Fair and Salvador Harold. Students belonging to the club are able to be featured on the college’s radio station that is broadcasted live on 91.9 FM.

Last week, Jams on the Quad has brought students together, whether they were being active or just taking a break. Some played active outdoor sports such as frisbee, spike ball, or tossing around a football. They also took advantage of the sunshine and freed their minds. The beautiful fall crisp air made the day complete.

“It gives a good vibe across the whole campus,” says Hunter Johannes, a freshman communication major.

Johannes elaborated on how Jams on the Quad is a good break from academics. “It puts me in a better mood and makes me feel more motivated for the day,” he stated.

Esterina O’Donnell
Students playing games on the Quad

Johannes first discovered this event while walking on campus and heard music playing. He thought the concept of the event is “beneficial.” Johannes enjoys playing spike ball on the green with fellow hockey teammates during the outdoor event along with meeting up with some of his peers.

To find more information about the AIC Radio Club, visit aic.edu/engage. The Radio Club meetings are held every Tuesday at 11 a.m. in Room KS011 (Lower Level of Dining Commons). The club also has social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and a YouTube page to follow.

To learn more information about Jams on the Quad, come see what it’s all about!