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New Year’s Resolutions at AIC

Kayla Clark, Staff Writer

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How many of you made a News Year’s Resolution for 2018?

Maybe not a lot of you have, and that’s okay. You shouldn’t feel pressured into making a promise to yourself that you might break, because you believe that a resolution is going to be the thing that helps to improve your life.

So, to improve your life you make plans to reach it. How many times have you made a plan that you may or may not succeed? But in the end, shouldn’t it just be how hard you tried or even the effort into your resolution goal?

What is a resolution?

Well it’s based on what you want to change. But what it really comes down to is how other people look at you or even how society looks at you and wants to see you change.

One thing about your resolution is you shouldn’t let other people force you or judge your decision. It should be what you want to do or what you believe will make you feel comfortable in achieving your resolution.

You want this resolution goal to be relevant to you, meaning that it’s something that really matters to you.

We all want to believe that we’re going to wake up the next day and change our lives. But in reality, it’s hard, really hard – we need guidance, courage, and strength to get what we want.

What we need to do is take our bad routines with the bad habits, and change them to some better behavior routines. That goes with changing behaviors from bad to good, so you can feel healthier mentally rather than overwhelmed.

Starting with a small resolution can help you move towards a bigger resolution. Because who says you’re only limited to one?

Also, who says that you have to wait for New Year’s to come along to make a resolution? You don’t have to, you can always start fresh whenever you want.

It’s okay to go around and talk to other people about your resolution, because you never know if they have the same resolution and want to help you out, or even be partners so you can succeed together.

When your plans or goals start going in the wrong direction or not the way you wanted it. You should never beat yourself up. Not everyone succeeds, people do fail. However, the most important thing you learn from failure is your mistakes.

Mistakes are what we all learn from and fix to become better. If you’re still struggling with your resolution ask for help or support.

Some resolutions that students and staff had at American International College were:

“To be more fit,” said AIC student Harel Broderick.

“Being more healthy by making better choices,” said AIC student Felicia Creary.

“Been trying to get healthier, because I gained so much weight over the past year,” said AIC student Joey Volkert.

“Try not to procrastinate as much,” said AIC student Sydney Thompson

“Eat healthier and have less snacks. Try to attempt to exercise more,” said AIC student Zaina Malouf.

“Try to be nicer,” said AIC student Kiana Orozco.

“Stay the same person,” said AIC student Ninoshka Rivera.

“Lose weight,” said AIC student Dee Corey.

“Finish a lot of knitting projects that I have,” said AIC student Maddie Connaughton.

“I want to learn to be a conductor for orchestra,” said AIC student Cameron Rousseau.

“I want to have better study habits,” said AIC student Julia Vinceolette.

“I want to try to stop smoking. Another thing is I want to have a better understanding on things. By having a good heart. Also have more love and kindness,” said AIC employee Louis Nieves.

As you can see there are some similar resolutions with being more fit and healthier.

But that’s something everyone shoots for. For the other resolutions they were all original and thoughtful to how they want to become a better person or what they want to improve on.

So, hope some people rethink their resolutions and have a Happy New Year.

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New Year’s Resolutions at AIC