That Time I Went to South Korea and Vietnam for Winter Break

That Time I Went to South Korea and Vietnam for Winter Break

Leon Nguyen, Staff Photographer

I have just recently returned back to America and in the process of adapting to the time zone as well as the lifestyle here again, but while I am at it, I want to share some footage from my vacation in Vietnam and Korea during Winter break. I also have a video that I shot and edited while in Vietnam. Check it out here:

1. South Korea – A Dream Come True

South Korea had always been my dream country to travel to because I liked the entertainment system they had. It took me awhile to achieve this goal due to budget and my fears of facing cultural and language barriers.

I have never been to South Korea and this story will describe my first trip in the country. I am very impressed of the cities, people, and culture.

I have had a chance to experience the suburban area in South Korea as well as Seoul, the capital and the largest metropolis. Also, I got to visit an elementary school, something not everyone does when they make a trip to South Korea.

Through a series of photographs, I am hoping to provide my travelling experiences to everyone. It was an interesting experience for me to just being in the country itself.


2. Vietnam – Where it all Began

I was born in Vietnam and moved to America when I was 15. It has been 10 years.

I was once a kid who did not care about my future, failed in school countless of times, stayed back, and did not care about anyone but myself.

People tell me that I have better opportunities here in America. That still stands true considering I have changed dramatically in both behavior wise and academic wise comparing to the person I was once back in Vietnam.

I have changed for the better, but Vietnam will forever have a spot in my heart. Because home is where it is.

This trip has made me realized what is really important to me and that I want to share my knowledge to Vietnam one day, more specifically, in media field.

Through another series of photographs, I am hoping to introduce with everyone about my hometown, Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City and my experience in Vietnam.