“The Walking Dead” Preview

The Walking Dead Preview

Chelsea Lombardo, Staff Writer

Just in time for Valentine’s Day: zombies, and a whole lot of them.

Returning this Sunday, February 14, for its mid-season premier is AMC’s award winning, post-apocalyptic thriller, “The Walking Dead.”

After being left on a cliff hanger in late November, fans have been left to predict the fate of those who have survived the break through attack on the walls of their recently found community, Alexandria.

The last half of season six left many unanswered questions for watchers. The previous nine episodes played with continuity, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, and asking tons of questions. Viewers were left to guess not only what was happening, but when it was happening.

Before the premiere of the final eight episodes of season six this Sunday, we must go back and review some key points of season six, part one.


Glenn is alive

After being trapped in an alley way by a heard of walkers, Glenn plummeted to what seemed like his death, off the top of a dumpster. For several episodes, viewers were left to assume that one of our favorite original characters was no longer with us. (Real tears were literally shed, and trust me death threats were most definitely sent to the writer.) After being left on a cliff hanger for what seemed like decades, viewers were happy to find Glenn miserably (and barely) alive underneath that dumpster. His main mission now is get back to his wife Maggie. After a little convincing and what seemed like parenting, he has teamed up with the rebellious Enid, the young adolescent who has escaped the walls of Alexandria on a mission of her own.


Deanna is dead

When the walls broke down in Alexandria most were unprepared to fight off the huge heard of walkers making their way through the community. As the head of the community, Deanna saw this as an opportunity to protect the place she ran. It was a nice gesture, but let’s face the facts – Deanna had no survival or killing skills. She basically set herself up to get killed. Despite her quick defeat, Deanna did fight to the end of her death and did not take the easy way out. Most bitten characters will take their own life to eliminate turning into a walker themselves, but this was not the case here. A limping, dying Deanna stood up and continued to fight the stray walkers filing into the house she was resting in. She will go down as a true hero in “TWD.”


Maggie is Pregnant

When Glenn goes missing everyone assumes the worst, but Maggie remains hopeful. She knows Glenn is out there somewhere and will do anything to get him back, even if that means crawling through a walker infested sewer. In a moment of weakness, we learn that Maggie is indeed carrying Glenn’s baby, little to his knowledge.


Rick is stuck in a sticky situation

In one of the final scenes of the midseason finale, Rick, Carl, Michonne and a few others are using an old tactic to find a way out of the huge crowd of walkers taking over Alexandria. In season one Rick covers himself in walker guts to mask his human smell and safely get through a large crowd of walkers. In the last episode Rick uses this plan again. Viewers are left to wonder if the plan is successful, as we do not see how this ends for member of the group. (Fingers crossed)


Now we are left to wonder what will be in store for us fans this Sunday night. Will Glenn make his way back to Maggie? Will Rick and Carl make it through that heard? Will Maggie’s baby make it through the action, and most importantly who will run Alexandria? That is if Alexandria is still standing.

Tune in to AMC this Sunday night at 9pm to watch the mid-season premiere of “The Walking Dead.”twd-logo