SPOILER ALERT!!! “House of Cards” recap


Chelsea Lombardo, Staff Writer

Politics. It’s all anyone seems to talk about anymore. With only a few short months left in the race for the presidential election, I know I’ll be casting my vote for the man who would do “anything for America” – Mr. Frank Underwood.

A little over a month has passed since Netflix released its fourth season of their popular political Drama, “House of Cards.” After last season, viewers were left to wonder the fate of Claire and Frank’s marriage, and where Frank lies in the upcoming presidential election.

The new season took many different spins and twists. After Lucas Goodwin’s arrest last season, he fell off the map and his story basically disappeared into thin air. It was in the newest and most dramatic season of “House of Cards,” that Goodwin’s story to take down Underwood became a main plot point.

Goodwin is, or should I say was, very determined to out President Underwood’s dirty secrets, lies and foul behavior. He has started over in his new life, thanks to the witness protection program, as John Carlyle, a regular man with no internet, no friends, no car, nothing. He was to work his day job cleaning cars and return home every evening to live a safe life where nothing wrong could happen.

Goodwin has always been the type to break the rules. After reporting for the Washington Herald for years, he has a natural instinct to do what he must to get his story. Goodwin goes as far as to reach out to democratic candidate, Heather Dunbar, to tell the story of the real Frank Underwood. After being denied by Dunbar, he takes it into his own hands to take down President Underwood, by shooting him in the liver at a college rally.

netflix-house-of-cardsAt this shooting, Goodwin fails to kill Underwood, but does take down everyone’s favorite secret service agent, Edward Meechum. Meechum jumped in front of the bullet and ultimately saved Frank’s life.

During this time, Underwood is battling for his life in the hospital. It becomes determined that he must receive a liver transplant in order to live.

While this is going on, Donald Blythe, the Vice President, now becomes the acting president. Honestly I should say Claire becomes the acting president because Blythe is completely helpless, and Claire does everything in her power to control Blythe like a puppet.

After news breaks that Heather Dunbar met with Goodwin days before he shot President Underwood, Dunbar withdraws from the election, leaving Frank the only democratic candidate.

When Frank comes back to his good health he realizes that he is nothing without his partner in crime – Claire. The two finally decide to reconcile and become the ultimate power couple that they truly are. The couple are now on a mission to take down the republican front runner William Conway.

The growing problem the U.S. is seeing during this time is the Islamic terror group “ICO.” What is separating Frank and William is their view on taking force against this terrorist group. The two battle their opinions out in the press and at debates, truly trying to show who is the weaker candidate.

Along the way a Vice President convention is started to find Frank his running mate. Claire has been asking for this from Frank since the beginning of the season, and will do anything to become the new VP. Claire fights her way to the top and uses everything she can to earn votes. (even the death of her cancer fighting mother.) Claire wins the nomination, and becomes Franks running mate, and the two are seen as unstoppable.

As the season wraps up the country is faced with an act of terror from two college students acting on ICO’s wishes. The students take hostage an American family, wishing to talk it out with President Underwood and candidate Conway.

Frank takes this problem over for himself. Inflicting fear onto the students, he has now decided that he will rule with fear on his side. He will scare whatever comes into his path, may it be terrorists or the publication of his lies and cheats.

Season 4 left many questions on the rise for season 5. Many will wonder about the fate of the election, if Underwood will be impeached for his lies, and the romantic aspects between various couples on the show.

Hold on tight “House of Cards” bingers, it will be a while until we have our questions answered.