Review: “The Walking Dead”

Review: The Walking Dead

Chelsea Lombardo, Staff Writer


Three episodes into the seventh season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, viewers have seen lot of blood shed- and not just from the walkers.

In the latest episode “The Cell,” we find ourselves following the newly imprisoned life of Daryl Dixon. After speaking out against our new favorite villain, Negan, Daryl has been taking hostage by Negan’s group, “The Saviors.”

Those who have been watching the show since the very beginning know that Daryl is not an easy man to break. We have seen him make his way through the tough times; cannibalism, torture, guns, zombies (lots of them), and yet we haven’t even seen a frown from this man. (Okay, he did cry when his brother Merle turned into a zombie, but we’ll let that one slide.)

“The Cell” has shown us a part of Daryl that viewers have never seen before.

Negan has proven a point to his peers that he’s not there to fool around, despite his puns and jokes every five minutes, the guys got a mean streak going and he’s going to demand his respect no matter the stakes.

Negan has decided to keep Daryl naked and dirty locked away in a pitch black cell, with overly cheerful music playing as torture. Once a day he receives a dog food sandwich, deliver by his “keeper,” Dwight.

Dwight and Daryl have some negative history after last season, and when Daryl took advantage and got away of Dwight’s hold on him, Dwight seems to be enjoying every second of Daryl’s squirming.

Seeing Daryl distressed shows the severity of the situation to the viewers. As I stated before, the man has faced a lot of hardship in the past seven seasons, but to see him shaking on the floor, throwing up, crying and taking food from his abusers like it’s nothing, sends a clear message to viewers that this is serious.

Within the episode Daryl manages to escape his hell-hole after Dwight’s idiotic day replacement fails to lock the door. This is the Daryl we know and love. Unfortunately, he does not get very far and is given the choice to either be with Negan or die, but he Negan gives him time to prove himself.

While this episode is focused around Daryl’s conflicts, viewers do get an inside look at Dwight and who he really is. Many don’t know much about him. Most have viewed him as a minor character, but it seems like he has a story to tell.

When we first saw him out in the woods last season with his wife and sister-in-law, he had escaped Negan’s clan and was trying to find his sick sister-in-law the proper medications needed.

Negan explained the entire story to Daryl in front of Dwight, his escape, the comeback, and now the living aftermath. While we did not see an abrupt reaction from Dwight, we could see the anger in his eyes geared towards Negan and his carless, sarcastic satire. Now we know that who is responsible for Dwight’s Harvey Dent style half burned face.

“The Cell” showed lots of emotions from all characters, and left viewers wanting more. For now, we will have to see how long it takes for Daryl to get back to his normal self, and just how much longer Dwight can go without snapping.

Next episode we will get a look in on Alexandria to see how the rest of the group is handling the deaths of Glenn and Abraham.

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