Students are back to school at American International College


Darius Green

Students greet their friends in front of the Campus Center after a much needed summer break.

Liz Day, Staff Writer

American International College is back in session for the 2019 school year.

The first day of classes was the 26th of August. The freshmen have made a splash in their first few weeks on campus. Move-in day brought the school alive before classes. The sports teams are officially in season after a long, hard preseason, and courses have officially started.

Starting the semester at AIC is a big change for freshman students. Getting back into the groove seems to be a struggle on campus for upperclassmen. The fall sports teams are settled here on campus and are already starting to make an impact in the conference.

Lauren Smithers, a freshman, commented on the many school activities provided during the first week. “It’s a fun time to be on campus right now,” she said. “So far I have been to a Slime Party and a 90’s dance. Both were so fun.”

Smithers is living on campus in Pouch hall. She is a physical therapy major. When asked about the transition from home life to campus, Smithers said, “The transition was really smooth for me. I am very independent.” She is looking forward to starting lacrosse in the spring and attending sports games with her teammates.

“I was excited to get back to school. I was really ready for it.” When asked about her favorite memory so far, Smithers stated, “Probably the most fun I have had is going out with the girls on the weekend.”

Back to school for some freshman at AIC has been a tough transition. Dylan Heald, a freshman living in Hines, said, “I wouldn’t say it’s been hard being away from home, but it’s just hard getting back to classes and a school routine.” Heald is a sports management major from Colchester, CT. He is also playing men’s lacrosse at AIC. “Classes have been not too bad,” he commented. “I just want lacrosse to start.”

The upperclassmen have a different view of the first week than the freshman. Chelsea Davis, a senior at AIC, said, “The first week of classes is stressful as always.”

Davis is an occupational therapy major who is planning on getting her graduate degree next year. Davis is also captain of both the women’s field hockey and women’s lacrosse teams at AIC. “Field hockey has started off better than anyone on campus could have imagined,” Davis reported. Under her leadership, the field hockey team is 3-0 for the first time in the program’s history.

“I’m most excited to have another year with my friends,” Davis explained. Davis is also heavily involved in the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, where she has been the president for two years. “Since I have joined SAAC, we as a group have added four annual events for our athletes, coaches, and fans,” Davis said. “It’s a fun group. I highly recommend it for underclassmen involved in athletics.”

When asked what she was the most excited about for her senior year at AIC, Davis responded, “As a whole, I am most excited for both of my sport seasons. Both of my teams are young, so we have a really good energy and good talent.”

Jesse Emerson is starting his sophomore year at AIC. “It’s great being back,” he said, “but I miss when it was just the athletes on campus. It was a lot quieter.” Emerson is a member of the men’s rugby team at AIC. “Rugby is doing good. As always, we are looking to go farther than we did the year previous.”

Emerson is a business major who is living in Magna Hall for the year. “My one word of advice for all freshman,” he said, “is that you should always go to class.”