Twenty88 takes music world by storm


Brian Maurer, Staff writer

It’s been over a year since Big Sean released his Grammy nominated album “Dark Sky Paradise,” and it has been over two years since Jhene Aiko released her last album “Souled out.”

Now it’s 2016, and both artists are now on the same album — “Twenty88.”

The album has a theme and a concept. The story of the album is about the highs and lows of a relationship and every track takes the listener on that journey.

Conceptually, the album is great.

Tracks like “On the Way”, and “Push it” show the spark of a new relationship and as the album progresses, tracks like “Talk Show” and “Memories Faded” show the struggle of one as well.

Although the album’s duration is only 30 minutes, the two artists do a great job in capturing the feeling in every track, and making the listeners have a great understanding of what is going on. All the tracks touch on subjects that involve a relationship such as happiness, sex, distrust, and fear.

Jhene Aido and Big Sean
Jhene Aido and Big Sean

The beginning tracks focus more on sex and happiness while the later tracks focus more on the struggle and doubt of a relationship.

On March 27, Both Big Sean and Jhene Aiko posted video clips hinting the album of the two. After posting all the video clips, both artists posted the album cover on their Instagram the same night with the caption saying “4/1.” Throughout the five days before the album was released, both artist would release photos done for the album for promotion.

The album hit the #5 spot on the Billboard chart, selling 48,970 units in its first week, and streamed more than eight million times.

The album was received generally well from music critics as well. I personally enjoyed the album, from the minute I turned it on I was instantly hooked.

I recommend this album to anyone who is a fan of Rap music and R&B, or anybody who is a fan of the two artists.