Students Capture AIC Experience Through Photographs

John Nordell, Photography and Art Professor

Professor John Nordell gave his photography students a deadline. They had forty-five minutes to take a photo that captured the “AIC Experience” on campus. These were the results.

Students studying in The Hive across from Starbucks on campus. (Kayla Decaro)


The library contains a support desk for students needing assistance with their assignments, or research. Downstairs in the library there is academic support, including tutoring. There is also the Information Technology help desk where anyone using the campus network can obtain assistance with technical difficulties. (Bruce MacCullagh)


The quad is the center of campus and hosts many of AIC’s events. (Colette Trembley)


Student workers converse with each other about campus life and work duties. (Dante Hayes)


A group of students chatting about general topics and getting along. (Michael Mendez)


Walking around campus on a nice day. (Nayelimar Poventud)


Students often don’t use this path, but the pathway between the DAR building and the Library can be used to head to the Magna Hall Residence, the Shuttle Stop, and the Shea Library. (Dante Hayes)