Professor Nordell’s Photography Students Capture AIC Experience

Will Steffen, Publisher

Professor John Nordell gave his photography students a deadline. They had forty-five minutes to take a photo that captured the “AIC Experience” on campus. These were the results.

Friends sit on the steps outside of the campus bookstore. (Jeanette Burgos)


Trees on the quad in front of DAR Hall. (Jeanette Burgos)


Students chill out in the Hive dining area. (Antonio Rodriguez)


A work study student greets visitors to the office of Accessibility Services. (Daphne Rousselot)


Students hang out with their friends in the Schwartz Campus Center lounge. (Isaiah Darden)


The men’s lacrosse team grabs some grub in the Dining Commons after a lift. (Liz Day)


Students get some work done after lunch in the Hive. (Ashley Lara)


The Dining Commons is a hub of student activity on campus. You will likely always find someone you know in the DC. (Rose McCaffrey)


Students study in the Shea Library. (Rose McCaffrey)


Friends chill in front of Rex on the quad. (Tyson Thornton)